Superstrata is the first 3D printed bicycle (2 photos + video)

The world's first bicycle without any threadedSilicon Valley startup Arevo has released no welds or glue joints with a one-piece body. Using a wealth of experience in composite materials and 3D printer manufacturing, the company was able to create the world's first one-piece electric and classic bicycles, which were produced using 3D printing.

Bicycles enter the market specificallycreated by the Arevo Superstrata brand. The first Superstrata Terra is a classic bike and is designed for a variety of riding styles. The Superstrata Ion is an electric bike with a 250W rear motor and a 252Wh battery, with a range of up to 96.5 km on a single charge.

In the production of frames and wheels,special 3D printing using a hydrocarbon thermoplastic composite. The Superstrata Terra weighs just 1.27 kg, while the electric Ion rises to 10.9 kg. According to the manufacturer, in the manufacture of bicycles, you can create individual models based on the weight of the owner, his height, riding style and suspension characteristics.

Reducing the total weight of bicycles contributes toalso replacing metal wheels with 3D printed carbon fiber wheels. When printing individual bicycles, it is possible to create 250 thousand vehicle variations. It takes up to 10 hours to make one bicycle.

Electric Superstrata Ion withwith a 250 W motor built into the rear hub, it can reach speeds of up to 32 km / h. A single charge of the battery with a capacity of 252 Wh is enough for a trip over a distance of 96 km. The Superstrata Ion is priced at $ 3,999, while the classic Superstrata Terra will cost $ 2,799. At the same time, the delivery with carbon wheels requires an additional surcharge of $ 1,699.