Superhero Rodents: Naked Diggers Do Not Feel Many Types of Pain

New research shows that severalSpecies of African bare diggers develop a supernatural ability to endure certain types of pain, including discomfort caused by acid, chili pepper and hot mustard. This news may eventually lead to advanced pain therapy in humans. Well, let the bare diggers and not the most beautiful creatures on the planet, they are definitely cool.

Bare digger is not afraid of pain. Why?

Famous naked digger possessingability to resist cancer, lack of oxygen and, apparently, even death itself, is a very interesting object for research. But among the naked diggers there are especially interesting individuals. A new study, which appeared the other day in Science, shows that African naked men diggers have become insensitive to certain types of pain. Genetic endowments allow these underground rodents to thrive in other habitable places, such as burrows infested with poisonous ants.

A new study by Carlien Debusand Ole Eigenbrod from the Center for Molecular Medicine. Max Delbrück in Germany, is a continuation of the work that was carried out on naked excavators in 2008. A previous study by Thomas Park of the University of Illinois at Chicago showed that the diggers' goals tolerate pain caused by acid and capsaicin, the very substance from which hot pepper burns.

Park also participated in the new study -Scientists have tested several rodents for sensitivity to pain, including nine species of African bare diggers and an ordinary mouse. They wanted to explore the molecular factors responsible for pain resistance, in the hope that such an understanding could lead to the development of highly effective analgesics for humans.

As part of the study, scientists introduced threesubstances that usually cause burning in humans and other animals. It is important to note that these substances were chosen involuntarily - these things are “rabbit-faced” constantly. In particular, naked excavators were exposed to dilute hydrochloric acid (an analogue of a poisonous ant), capsaicin (this ingredient often goes into food for rodents) and allylisothiocyanate (AITC, an irritant that is found in the roots that naked diggers eat; it tastes like mustard mustard ). Debus describes these substances as completely natural and not possessing long-term toxic properties. Experiments also approved ethics commissions in Germany, South Africa and Chicago.

During behavioral assessment of pain, smallthe amounts of these substances were injected into the paws of animals. Rodents felt discomfort, licking or raising their paws, and the process lasted about five minutes. Animals that did not perceive pain acted as usual. For example, they dug and were interested in the environment.

A total of three unrelated speciesthe naked excavators carried the acid as if it were not there. Two species showed insensitivity to capsaicin. Another species demonstrated a unique genetic adaptation to allylisothiocyanate.

"Most likely, the animals purchased thisa remarkable trait to adapt to life in a particular environment, ”says Debus. "The case in which a naked digger shares a burrow with poisonous ants provides an excellent example of how the environment forms evolution in the long run."

And it also shows that some animalspossess super powers that, in theory, can be passed on to humans. Would you like to be immune to chili? Read even more interesting news - in our channel in Telegram.