Super Nintendo World theme park presented by the developer of the Mario series (2 photos + video)

Official opening of the world's first thematicinteractive park Super Nintendo World is scheduled for February 4 next year. Already, however, Nintendo and Universal Studios Japan have made the decision to preview a tourist site based on Nintendo's classic games.

The main character in the preliminaryThe presentation was made by the creator of the "Mario" series Shigeru Miyamoto, a famous game designer who also created the game hits Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, Star Fox, Nintendogs, Wave Race and Pikmin intended for Nintendo game consoles.

During the presentation, Miyamoto revealed somedetails of the future amusement park and said that the main goal of the project will be to transfer visitors to the Mario universe, with the creation of the most realistic atmosphere of the game. To do this, all the characters in the game series, as well as accessories, were scaled to a size comparable to a human.

The interactive nature of the rides will allowthe visitor can actually hit the turtles, take a ride on the Mario map, go on a journey with Yoshi, and also return the Golden Mushroom stolen by Bowser. The final battle with the insidious Bowser will help the visitor to feel like a full-fledged savior of the Mushroom Kingdom.

To travel through the Super Nintendo World parkvisitors will receive a smart Power-Up Band and a Mario hat with augmented reality glasses. The NFC module built into the bracelet will provide feedback to almost all objects in the park. Augmented reality glasses will create a complete picture of the virtual world of Mario. Correct use of devices will also unlock secret levels and find treasure caches.

In February 2021, it is planned to launch the zoneSuper Nintendo World dedicated to the Mario series. However, the plans of Universal Studios most likely include the further expansion of the game world and the addition of themed zones of the universe of game applications Donkey Kong and Yoshi. The official website of Universal Studios also posted a warning about the need to comply with strict quarantine measures against COVID-19 when the park opens. Visitors will be required to wear masks, measure entry temperatures, and regularly disinfect while walking in the park.

Source: usj