Sunglasses will replace the smartphone (2 photos + video)

Augmented and Virtual Reality Technologiesconstantly evolving, giving new jobs to startups. So, Human Capable decided to release the first augmented reality headset with a design quite traditional for the average consumer.

The developers drew inspiration from the usualsunglasses, trying to make your device as identical as possible to a classic accessory. Work on Norm Glasses lasted about 4 years. A device with all the electronic "stuffing" weighs about 36 grams.
In the frame there are speakers, memory, processor,battery, microphone and camera. The novelty will allow the user to call, read letters, work with texts, scroll through social networks, take photos and videos, scan barcodes, check the weather forecast, and watch a movie. As the developers promise, the gadget will also implement the possibility of conventional web surfing.

You can control the device in one of several ways.ways: head gestures, voice commands or through the application, synchronizing it with glasses via Bluetooth. The built-in battery should last for 1-2 days of battery life.

The project is presented at the Kickstarter crowdfunding venue. The authors of Norm Glasses planned to raise $ 15,000. The campaign has already raised more than 280 thousand dollars!

By prior ordering, Norm Glasses costs $ 239; in retail, the price will rise to $ 449. Deliveries of new items are scheduled for January 2020.

Source: newatlas