Successful flight tests of the Russian drone "Hunter" (2 photos + video)

Unmanned aircraft have a great future. Especially in the military. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announced the first flight of the unmanned aerial vehicle “Okhotnik”, the corresponding video is on the YouTube channel of the military department. Prior to this departure, the drone only detached from the runway for a couple of meters, but now it was hovering in the air.

Testing of the "Hunter" lasted about 20 minutes, the flight took place at an altitude of about 600 meters. Having flown around the airfield several times, the plane successfully landed.

Design Features: “Flying wing” without tail unit and jet engine. Of the technical characteristics, it is worth noting the "stealth" technology, which greatly reduces the ability to detect a drone by radars. The maximum speed of the device is 1000 km / h.

The development of an unmanned aerial vehicle began in 2011 by Sukhoi by order of the Ministry of Defense.

The last flight is the third phase of the Hunter's trials. For the first time in November 2018, the drone reached a speed of 200 km / h without taking off the ground. In May of this year, he took off for the first time: he came off a few meters from the runway and immediately landed.