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Substances toxic to humans found in the deepest hollow of the Earth

During the extraction of minerals, humanityproduces many toxic substances, including mercury. In theory, if mercury enters the ocean and enters the fish feed from which the dishes are prepared, a person can be poisoned by poisonous metal. This can lead to the improper development of children - in the 1950s, such consequences of mercury poisoning were recorded in Japan. A recent study conducted by scientists from the USA and China, proved that many fish can actually be poisoned by substances harmful to humans and animals. With the help of deep-sea robots, researchers found that at the bottom Mariana Trench there are huge deposits of mercury, the particles of which penetrate the organisms of small creatures that feed on fish caught by humans.

The Mariana Trench with a depth of 11 thousand meters looks clean, but at its bottom is a real dump

Mariana Trench - a semicircular depression in the west of the Pacific Ocean. Its depth reaches 11 thousand meters, that is, it is the deepest place in the oceans.

Oceans pollution

The publication told about the terrible find of scientistsDaily Mail. During 2016-2017, researchers placed robots in the most remote corners of our planet. In particular, we are talking about the Mariana Trench and Kermadek Trench, located in the Pacific Ocean. At a depth of more than 10 kilometers, a large concentration of methylmercury, the most dangerous type of toxic metal, was discovered. It has the ability to accumulate in organisms and enhance its harmful properties.

Devices that were sunk to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean

According to researchers, a chemical compoundfell into the Pacific Ocean along with rain. During coal combustion, oil and mineral mining, mercury particles enter the air and accumulate in rain clouds, from where they enter the ocean and accumulate in large quantities. It was previously believed that these particles float at a depth of not more than a hundred meters and are not dangerous. The fact is that the food of edible fish is at a great depth and it could not be poisoned by harmful substances. It turned out that scientists were wrong all this time.

Such a picture can be observed at the bottom of the Mariana Trench

The fact that methylmercury accumulates at great depths means that the feed of fish used by humans for food can still be saturated with hazardous substances. The so-called bioaccumulation - a phenomenon when harmful compounds in largeamount accumulates inside living organisms. If people catch fish containing methylmercury and make meals out of them, problems cannot be avoided. At a minimum, seafood lovers will experience poisoning and subsequent health problems. In the worst case, children developing in the womb of their mothers will become ill.

The harmful properties of mercury can be found in the material about the most interesting metals on Earth. Ilya Hel also wrote about this metal - also an interesting article.

Human influence on nature

Here you have a new, important and completely not joyfuldiscovery - the negative impact of man on nature turned out to be even more serious than previously thought. In 2013, the author of, Dmitry Auslander, spoke about this problem. Even then, researchers from the United States and Canada found a high concentration of methylmercury in the tissues of the Danio rerio fish. They found that when ingested, methylmercury can accumulate in the nerve cells responsible for human vision. With prolonged exposure, a toxic substance can lead to blindness.

Danio rerio - popular aquarium fish

Only it’s worth noting that the abovefish are not eaten by humans. Because of their beauty, they are often found in aquariums, and due to the special structure of the body they are actively used in laboratory research. For example, with the help of them, scientists can find out how various chemicals can affect the human body. These tiny creatures up to 4 centimeters in length have even been to the International Space Station.

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How to clear the oceans of mercury is not yet clear. In 2015, Chinese scientists reported that coral reefs could be used as heavy metal filters. Only these geological structures that form in tropical waters, and so are on the verge of extinction - it is believed that they will completely disappear from the face of our planet in 2100. Why should they provoke poisoning?

There is only hope that the world will change its mind and it will be better to control the amount of harmful emissions. But judging by the rapid climatic changes, so far we are dealing with this very poorly.