Submarine for Titan tested in artificial methane sea

NASA engineers and university specialistsWashington is working together to create a submarine that can help scientists explore the seas of Titan, the moon of Saturn. A few years ago, this “alien submarine” was only a concept, but now developers are already testing its early prototype and even creating an artificial sea of ​​methane and ethane for these purposes.

There are many rivers, lakes and seas on Titan,consisting of methane. On Earth, it is present in a gaseous state, but on Titan completely different conditions, and the temperature is also far from ours, therefore there is liquid methane, which means that you can swim in it while doing research.

Pressure and low temperatures, as well as othersunpleasant nuances, can significantly complicate the research process, photos and video, so now scientists are trying to solve the problem. The recent tests of a special camera and a borescope gave a positive result, which is very encouraging.

NASA plans to ship the submarine to Titan inthe next 20 years, and while testing its prototype in an artificial "sea" of methane and ethane, the temperature in which is - 180 degrees Celsius. The submarine, which scientists are working on, will work autonomously, collecting data on the oceanic and atmospheric conditions of Titan.