SubCruiser - underwater engine backpack for divers (3 photos + video)

Startup AquaBeyond presented on Kickstarter itsSubCruiser product. This is a diving underwater engine, which allows to overcome significant distances under water without any extra effort. The novelty is inexpensive, providing the same up to an hour of navigation.

The package SubCruiser included 2 blocks withbrushless motors, 2 foot mounts, waterproof aerodynamic backpack with two batteries, a switching system and a joystick controlling the speed of rotation of the blades. The dimensions of the SubCruiser backpack with batteries are 25 x 13 x 40 cm. With the device you can dive to a depth of 100 meters. The kit weighs 5 kilograms, the pulling force is 10 kilograms. Alternative counterparts with the same set of options weigh many times more.

The owner of the novelty is recommended to move tospeed of 1.5 meters per second. The uniqueness of SubCruiser lies in the almost complete freedom of the diver’s hands. As the authors of the project decided, the diver needs to put 2 bandages on his feet, on which the motors are fixed. Next, he controls the thrust with the help of a joystick. SubCruiser allows you to make the start both sharp and smooth. The device is powered by batteries placed in a backpack. Their capacity is 4.5 Ah. If you swim under water at a normal speed, this is enough for an hour of swimming, at a maximum speed of 40 minutes.

An underwater scooter is already available for $ 299.