Subaru cars began to break down because of perfume and cosmetics

In recent years, Subaru has oftenfaced with problems associated with cars. At the end of 2018, she had to withdraw 400,000 vehicles due to faulty valve springs — the implementation of the fixes obviously took a lot of time and effort. She also had to temporarily stop production at Japanese factories due to problems with hydraulic boosters. In March, the manufacturer was overtaken by another misfortune - millions of cars crashed due to chemicals contained in perfumes and other cosmetics.

A problem was found in the Impreza models,Forester and Crosstrek, released between 2008 and 2017. It turned out that chemical compounds from consumer products interfere with the inclusion of stop signals - the flow of electricity to the rear lights is significantly reduced, and they become useless. The problem with the signals may lead to another trouble: the car can simply not start.

Because of these consequences, the manufacturer reacted toproblem very seriously. He had to withdraw 2.3 million cars - this is the largest recall in the entire history of the company. Unfortunately, this trouble happened just at the time when she already has a lot of problems due to other detected faults. The most interesting thing is that the manufacturer does not even know how to protect the contact brake lights from chemical compounds that are almost constantly in the air.

Remarkably, this is not the strangest reason.recall cars in history. In 2013, Toyota has withdrawn 870,000 cars due to the fact that the spiders began to weave a web in the air conditioner's drainage tube.

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