Strange Mi-Gadgets: Inflatable Treasure Pocket Compressor

The first look at the next Mi-gadget, which appeared in the Xiaomi company store, suggested that it might be a lock. Perhaps with voice control. Type “Open Sesame”.

Although these holes in the sides aren't the speakers? Maybe the device works on the principle of the sphinx: it sets a riddle, decided - well done, did not decide - will you not pass?

And everything turns out to be not so at all. The device in Chinese is called “Mi inflatable treasure” and is a mini-compressor with USB charging. That is, literally, allows you to pump up the wheel from the smartphone, if he knows how to share energy. It is useful for cyclists, but if that - maybe the car wheel can pump.

And the built-in flashlight has.

Issue price - 199 yuan (1900 rubles).

Tatyana Kobelskaya