Steam founder shares plans for a brain-computer interface for gaming and more

Along with Facebook working on the neural systemallowing to print texts with the power of thought and Neuralink from Elon Musk, the problem of human-computer integration was worried by Valve, the founder of Steam. The company's plans were revealed by the founder of the company, the legendary Gabe Newell, the creator of the first releases of Windows, as well as the grandiose series of Half-Life games, which served as the basis for Counter-Strike and Team Fortress Classic.

Newell said that in partnership with OpenBCI, hisValve is working to create open source software that opens the door for developers to create applications that connect the brain to the computer. For example, a computer will be able to independently determine how much a gamer is passionate about the gameplay and adapt to it. However, Newell called the creation of an interface that allows not only reading, but recording and sending signals to the human brain as a more ambitious goal.

Existing games, in his opinion, are limited to the human "meat periphery". Compared to the virtual world that can be created in the human brain, the real world will appear dull and flat.

As an application use of the interfacebrain-computer, Newell calls sleep management program. Ultimately, sleep, according to the billionaire engineer, will become an ordinary application, when a person will set the time and determine the phases of sleep.

Meanwhile, Newell does not rule out negativemoments in the advancement of technology and recognizes that the interface, like all computer programs, can be susceptible to hacker attacks, and infected with a virus. Currently, the development of the interface is at an early stage and it is too early to talk about commercial use.

Source: theverge