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Stealth drone "Hunter" - the most powerful combat drone in Russia

Many military experts claim thatDrones are one of the most promising and formidable weapons of the future. As a matter of fact, even now they show high efficiency in military conflicts. We have previously said that Russia is one of the countries that creates modern UAVs that can compete with drones like Bayraktar. Today we will talk about another Russian drone, called the S-70 "Hunter". Unlike the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 and the previously described ORION UAV, it belongs to the class of heavy vehicles. Unfortunately, not all the details about him are known, since the information is classified. However, we still managed to learn something about him.

Russian 20-ton shock UAV "Hunter"

What is known about the drone "Hunter"

The developer of the drone "Hunter" isDry Company. Work on the creation of the UAV began in 2012 by order of the Russian Ministry of Defense. The MiG aircraft plant also took part in the work on the project. For a long time, there was no information about the drone being created. The only thing, initially it became known that we are talking about a heavy drone weighing up to 10-20 tons.

In 2019, the first photos appeared on the networkan aircraft made in the form of a "flying wing". Experts immediately came to the conclusion that it was the Okhotnik UAV that was captured in the photo. However, there was no other information about the drone. The first person to share information about the device was Russian President Vladimir Putin. The veil of secrecy was lifted at the exposition of the MAKS-2019 forum.

The first photos of the Hunter drone appeared in 2019

Walking with Turkish President RecepErdogan at the exhibition, the Russian president stopped near the UAV and said that the combat load of this drone, that is, its payload, is 6 tons. It is also less vulnerable to modern means of detection than the Su-57. The flight range of the UAV is 6,000 km, and the flight altitude is 18 km.

From other open sources it became known thatThe take-off weight of the drone is about 20 tons. The device can fly at a speed of 1,000 km/h. Other characteristics, unfortunately, are not known to this day.

What can the heavy drone "Hunter"

As we have already said, one of the features"Hunter" its invisibility to detection tools. For this, a number of modern technologies are involved in it. One of them is an engine with a flat nozzle made on a 3D printer. Thanks to this nozzle, the visibility of the drone for heat-seeking missiles will decrease.

It is also known that the drone will be able to fly inin conjunction with Su-57 fighters. The drone will hit ground and air targets. Earlier we said that UAVs that are capable of hitting air targets are currently practically non-existent. Only some kamikaze drones have this ability.

UAV "Hunter" during flight tests

Su-57 pilot will be able to coordinate actionssimultaneously four strike drones "Hunter". Most likely, this possibility will be implemented in the new version of the Su-57 with a two-seat cockpit. It is also known that the Okhotnik UAV, like the other Altius drone, will be equipped with high-precision modern Kh-35U and Kh-59MK2 missiles. These missiles were originally developed for manned aircraft.

In general, the UAV "Hunter" in terms of its capabilitiespractically will not be inferior to modern manned aircraft. In particular, he will be able to use the entire range of anti-ship and operational-tactical missiles, and will also have the means to conduct air combat.

When will serial deliveries of the Okhotnik UAV begin?

According to information from open sources, the droneOkhotnik made its first flight on August 3, 2019. He stayed in the air for more than 20 minutes under the control of the operator. Then the UAV made another flight in September together with the Su-57 fighter.

UAV "Hunter" will be able to perform combat missions together with Su-57 fighters

The drone during the flight worked inautomated mode. As reported in the military department, during the flight, the interaction between the Su-57 and the drone was worked out. This interaction allows you to expand the radar field of the fighter. Target designation was also worked out for the use of strike aircraft weapons.

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In 2019, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoiguexpressed the hope that the UAV would be ready by 2022, and its delivery to the Russian army would begin. However, later it was stated that serial UAVs would only begin to be delivered in 2024. Now we are talking about the fact that the start of deliveries of the drone is scheduled for 2025.

Recall that Russia already has not onlyUAV of the middle class "Orion", but also a light UAV "Forpost", which is already actively used in military operations. The most interesting facts about him can be found here.