State Duma can unlock Telegram

The long-standing confrontation between Roskomnadzor andThe Telegram, which began in 2018, can be completed by canceling the blocking of the popular among Russians, and in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, and among government agencies, the messenger. The proposal to lift restrictions on the use of Telegram was put forward by the State Duma deputies, and the corresponding document was sent to the Prime Minister of Russia.

Telegram Unlocking Initiativedeputies of "Fair Russia", who believe that the platform has almost turned into an "official service" under the threat of a coronavirus. Deputies note that the blocking itself was ineffective, since most Russian users were able to access the Telegram platform using numerous blocking bypass services. Meanwhile, many state agencies have actively begun to use Telegram channels, and as a result, further formal blocking simply reduces the credibility of the state power of the Russian Federation, MPs say.

Meanwhile, in the comments of the head of the State Duma committeeon information policy, information technology and communications, it is noted that government bodies use not only Telegram to inform citizens about the coronavirus. Therefore, according to the politician, granting Telegram a special status is illogical and the issue of blocking is unlikely to be resolved positively.

The comments of lawyers also stated thatthe actual justification for the blocking used in 2018 remained unchanged and can only be canceled if the messenger fulfills certain conditions. If Telegram can implement an alternative method of ensuring security and this feature will be shown in law, Telegram unlocking will become real. Telegram representatives previously stated that it was technically impossible to provide keys to regulators.

A letter from the State Duma about Telegram unlocking has already been received by the Ministry of Communications and is currently under consideration.

Source: kommersant