Startup Lilium plans to launch flying taxis by 2025

This spring, a German startup has alreadyHe tested the first full-size prototype of his vertical take-off aircraft, and now hired Gett and Airbus managers to help the company build an air taxi business.

The physicist Remo Gerber, who previously ruled the Europeandivision of the service Gett, took the place of commercial director in the company In Lilium they want to create their own service with flying taxis by 2025, so his experience of the company will definitely come in handy. Gerber will look for investors and take over financial management.

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"Our company is different from many other topicsthat we already have a full-size working prototype. In addition, the Lilium work great experts. Together, we will continue to work on the creation of passenger air taxi with vertical takeoff and landing, ”- quoted Gerber Recode.

Dirk Gebser led the Airbus assembly departmentand worked at Rolls-Royce as production manager. In Lilium, he will also head the assembly department, because the company is going to manufacture its aircraft on its own.

The first manned flight on a commercial aircraft of its own production in the company plan to carry out in 2019.