Starship Ilona Mask did not take off and caught fire (2 videos)

Another test of the prototype of the newSpaceX's Starhopper carrier rocket failed. The prototype of the spacecraft could not tear itself away from the Earth and it already caught fire with the engine turned off.

Initially tested by Starhopper, the baseversion of the Starship rocket, it was planned a week earlier, but then when burning the Raptor engine mounted on the rocket carrier, a fire occurred. However, according to Mask himself, the design of the prototype was not broken. At the same time, on July 24, the situation repeated itself.

Testing was to climb withthree Raptor engines of the Starhopper prototype, which is slightly smaller than the original, to a height of about 20 meters for 3 seconds. Rapto engines run on liquid methane and oxygen. In the full Starhopper version, seven Raptor engines will be installed.

Starship program provides launchspace tourists to the moon in 2023, and later discoverers to Mars. What impact on the timing of an accident with the launch vehicle, SpaceX will show the future.