Starlink Satellite Internet in Russia may be prohibited

In late May, SpaceX successfully launchedEarth orbit 60 Starlink satellites, which are designed to create a world-wide accessible Internet. About 12,000 satellites are planned to use for its full-fledged work, however, thousands of devices will be enough for the initial stage of work, therefore it is believed that the Starlink launch will take place already in 2020. The availability of satellite Internet in Russia was initially questioned, and now it has become even stronger - the first official prerequisites for its ban have appeared.

The Council of Federation of the Russian Federation introduced a bill onchange one of the points of the Code of Administrative Offenses. This is the 13th chapter entitled “Administrative Offenses in the Field of Communications and Information” - it is proposed to add information on penalties for the use of satellite networks under the jurisdiction of foreign states. These include Starlink satellites and devices from other companies that are working to create a world-wide accessible Internet.

Starlink will be fined for use

The proposed rules currently concernonly officials, individual entrepreneurs and organizations, but it is possible that in the future individuals will also be punished for using Starlink networks and similar ones. Penalties are limited to fines, the size of which in some cases is quite impressive.

Fines for using the use of foreign satellite communications networks:

  • for officials - from 10 to 30 thousand rubles;
  • for individual entrepreneurs - from 70 to 200 thousand rubles;
  • for legal entities - from 500 thousand to 1 million rubles.

Also prerequisites for banning Starlink in RussiaIt is possible to consider the bill on amending the federal law “On Communications”, which prohibits the importation into the country of subscriber terminals of all unregistered operators in Russia. It is believed that such measures will prevent the leakage of confidential data of residents of the country - in more detail about this you can read in our material about the approval of the bill on the isolation of the Russian Internet.

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