Star Trek Fantastic Design Nanox X-Ray Machine

Regular radiography significantlyincreases the likelihood of early diagnosis of a huge number of dangerous diseases and the timely start of treatment. However, due to the high cost of X-ray machines, almost two-thirds of the inhabitants of the Earth are currently deprived of the opportunity to receive regular radiography. The high cost of X-ray machines is due to the need to protect people from dangerous X-rays.

Inspired by medical bedsof the block shown in the Star Trek series, Nanox engineers created the Nanox.Arc X-ray machine, which will help make diagnostics using X-ray more accessible and reduce the cost of the apparatus to “five-digit numbers.”

The main advantage of the design of the new devicebecame a light x-ray ring moving along the body of the patient lying on the horizontal surface. At the same time, the human body is scanned, followed by digital data processing, instead of obtaining fluoroscopy data using analog methods, as is the case with modern expensive devices.

In addition to reducing the cost of the apparatus forX-ray research, Nanox offers an original business scheme. The device is not sold to a medical institution, and the manufacturer simply receives a part of the cost of each x-ray examination. At the same time, the hospital gets the opportunity to conduct analysis using proprietary AI and gets the opportunity to store data in the Nanox cloud storage.

Nanox plans to release 15,000futuristic x-ray apparatus Nanox.Arc. Currently, Foxconn has already funded the production program for $ 26 million. As a result of the introduction of such devices, every inhabitant of our planet will be able to receive proper examination and early diagnosis.

Source: Engadget