Spy cable to crack any Apple computer (video)

Huge financial and intellectual resourcesApple aimed at the development of computer security systems may be useless thanks to the elementary device invented by a hacker under the nickname MG. A simple-looking Lightning cable allows an attacker to remotely connect to your computer and gain access to sensitive information.

The main part of the hacker Lightning cable has becomethe chip is imperceptibly built into it, allowing you to intercept computer control when you connect a cable designed to recharge or synchronize tablets, smartphones or iPods with Apple Mac computers.

Now the user is simply connecting tocomputer such a cable to recharge your iPod, risks losing control of your data. The spy chip receives an IP address and using the Terminal application, similar to the Windows command line, gets full access to control the victim’s laptop or computer.

However, a hacker gadget has one limitation -the radius of the "cracker" is only 90 meters. An attacker just needs to be in a room adjacent to the victim in order to gain access to control his computer.

The hilarious hacker MG, not only demonstratedthe capabilities of its Lightning cable at the DEF CON conference, but also put up for sale several modified branded cables, calling them "OMGCable for cracking a Mac for $ 200." At the same time, the “Hacker Memo”, which describes in detail the hacking of Mac computers through the “Terminal” application, is also supplied in the kit.

Source: vice