Spot's dog-like robot got a manipulator arm and many new professions (video)

Last summer, Boston Dynamicsopened the free sale of the dog-shaped robot Spot. However, for the hefty $ 74,500 price tag, the device had limited functionality and mostly amused the audience with its fun movements and well-coordinated teamwork. Users were able to adapt Spot to perform individual simple missions: patrolling parks in Singapore during a pandemic, first examining patients in Boston, or grazing sheep in New Zealand. Considering the need to expand the functionality of robotic dogs, Boston Dynamics engineers created an additional accessory in the form of a manipulator arm, which significantly increased the practical possibilities of using the devices.

Boston Dynamics' official YouTube channel has posted a demo video showing some of the jobs available for a Spot equipped with a manipulator.

Mechanical arm placed in the headThe dog-shaped robot will help Spot clean the apartment by putting things in place or in a basket, opening doors, dragging building blocks, digging holes and planting flowers in them. Boston Dynamics engineers note that all movements of the Spot's arm, body and legs are automatically coordinated, which allows you to maintain stability and perform almost any action in an unlimited space.

The video shows that Spot can alsoswitch on electrical switches, open hydraulic valves. The kinematic scheme of the hand will allow you to perform the most complex movements. The "entertainment" of the Spot group of three robots jumping with a rope looks especially amusing. They have robots and fine motor skills that allow Spot to draw and write texts using crayons. The device is controlled remotely via a tablet, similar to a controller for game consoles.

The general public could watch the workmanipulator Spot Mini back in May 2019 at the ICRA exhibition in Montreal. However, for mass production, the mechanical arm will apparently only become available now.