Spot robot will protect doctors from coronavirus (2 photos)

Coronavirus mobilized to fight epidemicall the intellectual potential of the planet. The engineers of Boston Dynamics, who for more than 10 years have been supplying their extravagant Spotted dog-like robots to various industries: from oil rigs to construction sites, have not stood by. For two months now, Boston Dynamics specialists have been working on turning Spot robots into mobile assistants for medical staff working with infected COVID-19 patients. The main task of mechanical dogs is to protect doctors from direct contact with potentially dangerous patients.

Boston Hospital has been Spot for weekscommunicates between physicians and patients. The robot performs basic functions using telemetry devices and an iPad mounted on a special mount. As a result of the connected two-way radio communication, Spot is able to carry out initial sorting of incoming patients even in the emergency room.

Boston Dynamics engineers note that featuresentrusted to Spot, can with higher efficiency perform many robotic systems with the ability to move. However, all technical documentation related to Boston Dynamics robotic systems will be available for public access during the pandemic on GitHub.

The company is currently working onthe creation of an application that will turn Spot into a full-fledged assistant for doctors, capable of conducting an initial examination of patients with measuring temperature, heart rate and respiration, as well as collecting data on blood oxygen saturation. In addition, dog-shaped robots in the future will be able to disinfect and disinfect medical facilities.

Source: BostonDynamics