Spot Dog Robot Re-Qualifies as Shepherd Sheep (video)

Developers from the American company BostonDynamics continues to train its original, dog-like Spot robot in new professional skills. In partnership with Rocos, a New Zealand-based company that also specializes in robotics, Boston Dynamics plans to use Spot-like dog robots in agriculture, and in particular to use sheep for grazing on open pastures. A video is presented on the network that allows you to see the prospects of Spot working in vineyards and protecting sheep flocks.

The Boston Dynamics and Rocos Partnership Programincluded the development of software for remote monitoring and control of robots, the creation of a platform allowing the use of joint work of several robot dogs when performing agricultural work.

According to Rocos experts, Spot robots caninvolve in the harvesting, sorting of products, mapping of farmland. This opportunity appeared after improvements that made Spot more mobile, as well as the use of infrared sensors and cameras with lidars.

The use of Spot robots in agriculture should increase productivity, reduce losses, make yield estimates more accurate and save people from tedious and monotonous labor.

Spot previously assisted in Boston hospitals withexamination of patients, protecting doctors from coronavirus, and in Singapore, a robot dog patrolled the parks, notifying visitors about the need to adhere to the rules of social distance.

Source: Engadget