Spot Dog Robot Now Patrols Singapore Parks (video)

Coronavirus pandemic forced humanity moreactively use robots to solve special and everyday tasks. The easily recognizable Spot robotic, created by Boston Dynamics, was one of the first to help people who are forced to work and rest, observing the standards of sanitary measures in quarantine.

First quarantined experience forSanitary and Epidemiological Supervision Standards Spot receives in Singapore's Bishan Ang Mo Kyo Park. A dog-like tireless and impartial robot walks along the alleys of the park and broadcasts a recorded message about the need to comply with safety standards in an epidemic. Park guests are warned about the need to relate to mechanical assistants.

Spot robot is equipped with additional camcorders,which allow you to record and evaluate the number of visitors in the park. Control of the robot is carried out remotely, and in their design there are sensors that prevent a collision with an obstacle or people. The authorities of Singapore, represented by the Council of National Parks, assured citizens that the data obtained through video filming are not used to identify individuals and to collect confidential information.

Robotic mechanisms are already being used formonitoring compliance with epidemiological restrictions. So in China and the United States, drones warn and urge people to strictly adhere to sanitary standards and social distance.

Knightscope security robots passreports on the rules of conduct in a pandemic, both in the form of a strict warning about the need to maintain social distance, and in the form of a humorous message on hygiene. “Washing hands is fun! Oh wait ... I have no hands, ”the robot is trying to amuse the citizens.

Using Spot Dog Robots does notlimited to the functions of heralds in the parks. Earlier it was reported that in the Boston hospital, the robot, using telemetry tools, is tested for the initial sorting of patients, which will protect doctors and minimize the risks of COVID-19 disease.

Source: Tech