Spot dog-like robot taught to shoot while from a paintball pistol (2 videos)

The most famous, funny and popular in the worldthe robot dog Spot has already mastered many professions from a sheep shepherd to a park ranger, from a medical orderly to a scout in the Chernobyl zone. The free sale of robots allows Boston Dynamics developers to evaluate the capabilities of their device offered by various enthusiasts. However, the MSCHF art group's proposed use of the robot has met with controversy at Boston Dynamics.

The American MSCHF Group proposedusers can remotely control a robot dog with an "armed" paintball pistol mounted on the back of the Spot. The hands were chosen randomly and changed every two minutes. The robot itself was in a room that imitated a museum room, and the shooter could “shoot” various exhibits with paint. The performance was named "Fury Spot".

Boston Dynamics representatives, preliminaryThose who reacted positively to the idea of ​​MSCHF to use Spot in performances, while saying that the device should not participate in scenes with elements of violence that could harm animals or humans. After the release of the video with the "shooting" of museum exhibits, Boston Dynamics published an official press release condemning the project and stated that such actions could be qualified as a violation of one of the points of the Spot operating rules. As a result, the robot may be remotely disabled and its warranty canceled.

However, MSCHF representatives said that it was into show the "dark side" of the Spot was the purpose of their presentation. One of the group members even said that "sooner or later these crumbs will kill a person." He also recalled that the design development of Boston Dynamics at the first stage was funded by the US defense department.