Spot Boston Dynamics, a dog-like robot, conducted reconnaissance in the Chernobyl zone (4 photos)

An original and entertaining robot dog SpotBoston Dynamics has already mastered the profession of a sheep shepherd in New Zealand, an orderly in Boston, was involved in patrolling parks in Singapore to monitor compliance with sanitary standards during the pandemic. At the end of October 2020, the dog-shaped robot visited Ukraine, where he was involved in the study of the radiation situation in certain areas of the Chernobyl 30-kilometer exclusion zone.

According to information provided by the StateAgency of Ukraine for the management of the exclusion zone, on October 22, engineers from the University of Bristol tested Spot robots and other devices in the conditions of the exclusion zone of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Experts from the Ukrainian State Specialized Enterprise “Central Enterprise for Radioactive Waste Management” (GSP “TsPPRV”) worked together with specialists from Bristol.

During the tests, in addition to the Spot robots, there wereground robotic systems and unmanned aerial vehicles are involved. The purpose of the experiment was to draw up a 3D model of the terrain indicating the distribution of radioactive materials in the territory of the temporary warehouse of radioactive materials "Red Forest" and two disposal sites for radioactive materials "Podlesny" and "Buryakovka".

When testing robotic systems,high-sensitivity LiDAR sensors, gamma-spectrometer, hyperspectral and neutron sensors were used. When compiling a 3D map of the location of foci of radiation contamination, photogrammetry methods were used. As a result of the research, an updated three-dimensional map of radiation pollution in the most dangerous areas of the Chernobyl zone will be obtained, and the Spot robot dog, which from June 2020, for $ 74.5 thousand, can be purchased on the open market, will master another profession.