Sports McLaren has no roof and windshield

McLaren engineers surprised theirfans of the new sports supercar McLaren Elva, valued at $ 1.7 million, without a roof, windshields and side windows. The driver and passenger are protected from headwind by a special deflector system located outside the hull.

In the original model, McLaren Elva is installedtwin-turbo V8 engine with an output of 804 hp A speed of 100 km / h is reached in just 3 seconds, and to a speed of 200 km / h the car accelerates in 6.7 seconds. Nevertheless, the main advantage of Elva is its unusual design without a roof and glass.

To protect your face from the wind, the control systemElva turns around when the car is moving at a speed exceeding the average city speed (approximately 40 km per hour). The system directs air around the cabin, creating the so-called “bubble of calm” for people inside Elva.

Air flows through the frontthe car and in high-speed mode moves directly above the cab. Moving air acts like a windshield, sending oncoming air around the car. A small carbon fiber deflector rises in front of the car, further directing air around the cab.

To protect passengers and the driver in the event ofMcLaren engineers developed a special automatic protection system, the details of which are not disclosed. In some countries, however, driving without windshields is prohibited. Therefore, among the 399 McLaren Elva planned for release, there will be cars in which windshields will be installed.

Source: CNN