SpinQ home quantum computer for only $ 5000 (2 photos)

Personal quantum computer designedfor educational institutions, will be released by the Chinese company Shenzhen SpinQ Technology. The estimated price of the future computer is only 5 thousand dollars and it will be focused on use for educational purposes in schools and universities. Last year, the company already released a desktop quantum computer priced at $ 50,000 and weighing 55 kg.

The new quantum PC will have much lessmass, and sold at a significantly lower price. The company plans to release a serial sample in the fourth quarter of this year. The low cost of the computer, in comparison with commercial quantum computers (up to $ 10 million), will allow the device to be purchased by educational institutions for which it is primarily intended.

Quantum PC performance - 2 qubits(an elementary element for storing information in a quantum computer), which is much smaller than the existing serial quantum computers processing over 50 qubits. This low performance, however, allows for elementary quantum computing to demonstrate how quantum computers work.

The work of a desktop quantum PC is based ontechnology of nuclear magnetic resonance, in which the capture of molecules of dimethylphosphite (a substance used in the SpinQ computer) by a powerful magnetic field is realized and the effect on them is carried out by radio wave pulses, which change the spins of individual atoms of the substance. In this case, the atoms pass into a new state, which is analogous to switching 1 or 0 in ordinary computers. Changing the spin of an atom allows you to change the spins of neighboring atoms, which creates the conditions for performing mathematical operations.

SpinQ uses a permanent magnetcapable of generating a magnetic field up to T (tesla), which is tens of thousands of times greater than the strength of the Earth's magnetic field. The technology was known at the end of the last century and was used to obtain medical images. However, then magnetic fields of sufficient power could be created only with the use of superconducting magnets, which significantly increased the cost of devices and increased their weight and dimensions. Today, the problem is being solved using powerful permanent magnets.

Low computing power allows SpinQperform only a few typical quantum operations, such as implementing a fast database search or a version of Grover's algorithm. For educational purposes - to demonstrate to students the basics of quantum computing and the principles of quantum computers, this power is sufficient. However, these devices will never be as powerful as the quantum computers used by Google, IBM or Microsoft.

Source: discovermagazine

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