Spincare pistol shoots skin and heals burns (video)

Treatment of superficial burns is sufficientlong and laborious procedure. Used in the traditional method of treating burns, bandages that allow moisture to pass through make life difficult for the patient, preventing the usual hygiene procedures, such as taking a bath or shower.
In Israel, NanoCare offeredto use for the treatment of superficial burns the Spincare device, which shoots particles of artificial skin onto the damaged surface, allowing to increase the rate of skin restoration. In this case, the patient will be able to freely carry out any water procedures.

Spincare's medical pistol applieselectrospinning technology, which allows you to form a nano-coating using a special solution. Despite the long time that has passed since the discovery of this technology, its practical application is extremely limited.

One of the main advantages of the Spincare deviceare its compact dimensions, allowing to deliver the "gun" directly to the patient's location. Another important feature of the technology is the fact that the artificial nano-skin is transparent, which makes it possible to monitor the healing process of the damaged surface. At the same time, the use of Spincare technology is limited only to superficial burns.