Spillikins No. 727. The fall of the video card market, the crisis, multiplied by the crisis


Happy New Year! Another year has flown by, it has become customary to say that it was difficult. Of course not without

this.Many predicted catastrophes, some even escaped from them, but somehow there were no upheavals that changed society beyond recognition. The time of change is always difficult and turbulent, the Chinese curse knowingly wishes the enemies to live at such a time, you won’t get bored here. How to form your attitude to such times and events, everyone decides for himself, but panic weakens and kills, and nothing else. I hope that you always have a critical view of things and you do not take on faith everything that comes from the outside, but subject it to minimal reflection. Moreover, this should apply to any sources of information, including our pages, a critical look means constant work on information, regardless of where you found it. And, of course, by critical thinking, I don’t mean lazy “show a link to the source”, as if having a link solves all problems at once.

It was a difficult year for us, and we lived through it together.with you, together with the industry. Starting from March, the loads increased sharply, and the inputs were constantly changing. It was not until August that new rules were established, if I may say so, and the market calmed down somewhat. Throughout the year, we tried to be helpful, however, as always, we talked about how and what will change in the market - this allowed both our readers and professional players to draw their own conclusions. Against this background, the importance of operational information has sharply increased, our Telegram channel has grown.

What makes this mode of communication particularly valuable is thatthat feedback is instantaneous, including outside the channel. It is especially encouraging that so many people from our industry are actively participating in it, reading and commenting. Suffice it to say that these are all operators without exception, including top officials, retailers, both regional and federal, distributors and vendors. We do not always have a common point of view on certain events, but so much the better, in disputes we are approaching a certain common denominator.

I really miss live broadcast formats whenyou ask questions and I answer them. There are few of them, as the workload has grown, and very much, but I hope that this year I will be able to find time for such a format.

A lot of time all year was spent not oncreative work, but to protect against external attacks. Few people imagine the volume of attacks on the Russian infrastructure from the outside, only echoes have reached our site, but they have tried and are trying to break it, several hacks even turned out to be relatively successful. Cleaned up the dirt, removed the discovered vulnerabilities. There is even a benefit from this, they keep us in good shape, do not let us relax.

But enough about us, let's talk about what happened during the week and what caught my attention. Go!


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Table of Contents

  • The fall of the market for discrete graphics cards - the first in almost 20 years
  • "Explosions" of batteries before the New Year - a series of coincidences
  • Hothouse conditions for Russian computer manufacturers. Pros and cons
  • Huawei: sanctions are the new normal, business as usual
  • Fantasy film "Atropa"

The fall of the market for discrete graphics cards - the first in almost 20 years

An interesting view of Jon Peddie Research on the marketgraphics cards, it is in good agreement with the description of the global crisis, many events converge in one product at the same time. The latest data is available for the third quarter of 2022, but it speaks for itself. Thus, the total shipments of discrete GPUs for laptops and desktop PCs amounted to 14 million units, of which 6.9 million for desktop PCs, a drop of 42% yoy. The general deliveries of graphics for computers - 61.5 million pieces.

To be precise, the fall occurred for the first time sincethird quarter of 2005 in absolute numbers, which is even more amazing. At the same time, the market is monopolized by Nvidia. AMD's share has plummeted, while Intel also remains in a small niche.

There are many reasons for such a drop in GPU sales, starting with a banal decline in the popularity of mining, Bitcoin fell by 65% ​​in 2022.

Miners massively used ordinary video cards,which even forced Nvidia to impose special restrictions so that the cards could not be used for mining. But the problem was solved for a while and by itself, the fall in the exchange rate made this occupation not very profitable (I feel that dirty slippers will fly at me from those who believe in a brighter future and continue to burn electricity). A huge number of video cards appeared on the secondary market, and their prices turned out to be very affordable, many times less than for new ones. Of course, if you're lucky, you can buy a decent card, or you can buy something trashed, it's a lottery. But the appearance of such a number of video cards in the secondary market killed sales of new ones, there is no doubt about it.

Partially affected the sales of video cardsdevelopment of cloud gaming, including in Russia. The gaming club format is going through hard times, these video card buyers have also stopped supporting the market. In total, we have a lack of stable demand from various streams, plus gaming itself is becoming a very expensive pleasure for people, and this is a global trend. The crisis has raised the cost of games, as well as hardware - a decent gaming computer costs about 200-250 thousand rubles, and this explains the rise in the popularity of cloud gaming. If we compare 1.5 thousand rubles a month and even 120-150 thousand rubles for an average gaming computer, the choice becomes obvious.

But the main reason is the global crisis,inflation, which sets records in different countries. Games are entertainment that becomes available to a smaller number of people. Although everything should be exactly the opposite, every year games should become cheaper and more accessible. And it turns out that the price of both hardware and the games themselves is growing - it turns out that the availability of such a pastime is falling.

Did you know that because of this, even formeda whole class of people who prefer to play old games and buy old consoles? The logical explanations for this are reinforced concrete, the trees used to be taller, and the grass is greener. The cost of old games and consoles is negligible compared to new ones, for a nominal ten thousand rubles you can get a console plus a dozen games for it, there are many such offers.

"Explosions" of batteries before the New Year - a series of coincidences

In our society, the dissemination of informationoften has a chaotic character, certain phenomena exist for years, but they remain out of sight of most people until the moment when the media begin to exaggerate the topic. Usually the algorithm is very simple: someone writes about the event, then other media pick it up. Suddenly it turns out that a similar event in a few days is happening somewhere else, and away we go. In the information field there is a huge number of publications about what is happening. Here are just statistics for a period of a year says otherwise, there is no take-off - rather, there is a rise in publications, which gives more importance to ordinary events.

Here is one of the stories for you.A 12-year-old schoolgirl from Moscow leaned on the railing, a phone was sandwiched between her and the railing. The Xiaomi smartphone began to smoke, the girl threw it aside, where the device was already on fire. The photographs show that the girl slightly burned her hands (burns of the first degree, the most insignificant). A passing teacher put out the phone with a fire extinguisher. Nothing threatens the girl's health, the event itself rather caused a commotion.

I'll start with a simple statement - mostmanufacturers of smartphones and other equipment are batteries that can withstand almost any load. In any case, we do not have thousands of cases every day when the batteries flare up. With about 6 billion working devices in the world, the statistics should be noticeable, but they are not. But the reliability of smartphones has a downside - they are used even after they have been damaged and the probability of their failure is maximum. I'm sure you've seen people using smartphones with broken screens, there are people using smartphones with swollen batteries. The latter is very bad, it is a direct path to the situation that happened to the schoolgirl. It is much easier to crush the shell of a swollen battery; upon contact with air, it will begin to smoke and may even flare up. This is not Xiaomi's problem, this is how all brands behave without exception. And that's okay!

Please do not give broken devices to children.and if they break them, then replace them. Don't risk your child's health, after all, it's your responsibility as a parent. A slightly swollen battery is not nonsense. Most likely, nothing will happen to him, but it can happen. Are you ready to risk the health of your child or loved one?

No need to buy non-original chargersdevices, counterfeits of the original. This is a bad path leading to problems. If you do not want to buy an original device from the manufacturer, choose another brand, the choice is huge. But the main thing is that you need to choose high-quality accessories, and not buy for three kopecks in the subway passage.

One last thing about "explosions".For a battery to really explode, it must be badly damaged and charged under load. If it is mechanically damaged, then a flash will occur, perhaps it will catch fire. But there will be no explosion as such. To do this, you need to throw it into the water, or there must be very high humidity around you.

Another story, Domodedovo airport, flight SVR167Ural Airlines to Kaliningrad. While taxiing for takeoff, one of the passengers caught fire in the battery, here is the message from the Federal Air Transport Agency: “According to preliminary information: one of the passengers had smoke in the battery of a mobile device. According to information received, the fire in the cabin was eliminated by the cabin crew within two minutes. The crew decided to evacuate passengers along the emergency slides. The evacuation took place normally, at 18.34 Moscow time the evacuation of passengers was completed. According to preliminary data, there were no casualties, the information is being specified.

People were evacuated using inflatable laddersThe decision was made by the captain of the ship. You can’t call it excessive reinsurance, a fire on board an airplane is a terrible thing. But even in this case, the problem is that the person either bought a very inexpensive Chinese product, or used it in the tail and mane, and the elements were already damaged. Nothing else simply can not be.

In Russia, they do not check the capacity of externalbatteries when boarding a flight, in the same China, any battery without marking is confiscated, as well as any battery larger than 10,000 mAh. The reason is simple - the larger the battery capacity, the larger the reaction mass and it will be more difficult to stop the reaction. Higher chances that the situation will become uncontrollable.

Perhaps one of the first texts this year will be a separate debriefing about batteries on board aircraft, why they can catch fire, and what to do to prevent this from happening.

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Hothouse conditions for Russian computer manufacturers. Pros and cons

The end of the year is the time when everything is in playinitiatives that are possible. The course taken to create our own production in the field of household appliances, computers and the like is gratifying, and this is the right direction. Moreover, today there are all prerequisites for this, companies that enter these segments do not have the same competition from Western players as they did a year ago. And their business plans are far more real than anything they could imagine in the past. Unique moment.

But many perceive the situation also in such a way that they can try to get additional money from the state, to limit the parallel import of the equipment that “interferes”.

Iceel Techno LLC, or simply ICL, is a daughterlarge distribution company. Its CEO asked the Ministry of Digital Transformation to restrict parallel imports for companies such as Dell, HP, Acer, MSI, HPE, Inspur, Asus, Lenovo and Fujitsu. The reason is that they compete with ICL's products.

Every time I have such naive desireselicit a heavy sigh. Sometimes I even swear to myself, because this is a fairy tale, a problem, we went through it many times. Products from ICL are unknown to me, I have not seen them, but I can say for sure that this will be a confident level of Chinese middle-class factories. If they save a lot, fight for the minimum cost, then the quality will be worse, but the price will be lower.


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Under parallel import conditions, products from ICLwill certainly be cheaper than the listed brands. But the most important thing here is the very desire to clear a place for yourself. So there is a desire to remove everyone, leaving only a place for yourself and a few others. But that doesn't work. Create a good product, compete, and then, perhaps, you will succeed. Buy simply because you have a SKD in Russia, no one will buy you.

Russian manufacturer of computers and laptopsis a company that packs components imported from China into the case in the country. There is nothing Russian inside, and it cannot be. We do not have a production of motherboards, graphics cards and so on, or I somehow missed this moment. Yes, definitely, this is a Russian assembly, but this is a penny in the cost of the final product, the main contribution to the cost is from components and logistics. We have to learn how to design motherboards and everything else using third-party processors and components, not a very difficult task, but we did not have a scope for it. Now this might happen.

ICL will not compete with Acer or Asus, herethere should be no illusions, but with Chinese manufacturers that have entered the Russian market, for example, with the same Maibenben. You will be surprised, but I heard a question from my friend: is the gaming Maibenben that you described good?

For 130 thousand rubles a gaming laptop definitelygood, because here the price / quality comes to the fore, and you turn a blind eye to the name of the manufacturer. Will there be something like this in the line from ICL? I sincerely doubt it. And here the answer arises that they are trying to ban the wrong ones, oh, the wrong ones.

By the way, we have a detailed review of the laptop on our website. In the comments, it is rightly smashed for certain shortcomings, but you don’t expect anything else from the B-brand.

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Parallel imports of goods cannot be prohibited,which are obviously better than those that can be produced by Russian companies. They will still get into the country, but already on the gray market, and the state will not receive taxes. It is impossible to force people to buy goods from ICL, the company needs to look for its niche, make a competitive product, and now there are all the prerequisites for this. The administrative resource will not help here in any way, so the Ministry of Industry and Trade spoke negatively about this proposal, which pleases.

Huawei: sanctions are the new normal, business as usual

In a New Year's address to employees, the headXu Zhijun made some interesting statements on Huawei's board of directors that characterize well the impact of sanctions and how you can reformat your business to get away from their influence. Let me remind you that the attack on Huawei began in the spring of 2019, when the first sanctions were imposed, the United States tried to force other countries to abandon the company's equipment. It turned out that the trade blockade against the world's largest supplier of telecom equipment is not an easy undertaking, even American companies were not delighted with such obvious pressure on their rival. And they rightly believed that this would worsen their position in the medium term in a number of markets.

The blow to Huawei's business was tangible, butfar from fatal. The story is epic, as it includes the taking hostage of the daughter of the founder of the company, part-time financial director of the company, in Canada while transferring from one plane to another, during transit. But all efforts turned out to be in vain, a “military” regime was in effect within the company for three years, maximum efforts were directed to survival, acceleration of transformation, replacement of falling out business areas.

Therefore, the letter that they received in ChinaHuawei employees are extremely interesting and postulate a new page in the history of the company, now sanctions have become the new norm and are not a limitation for development. Huawei has completely reformatted its business, it works subject to sanctions. In 2022, the infrastructure business showed growth, with a profit of $91.5 billion, which is similar to 2021. The consumer segment managed to keep from falling. The company plans to look for new markets, and this should be understood not in terms of geography, here everything that could be done has already been done. This means looking for new product groups and services.

For those who lament that Huawei is notdelivers infrastructure solutions to Russia directly, I will say that the countries of the customs union have grown sharply in the planning of the company, they are expected to build giant networks in 2023. Of course, all the success of Huawei is impossible without a key market in Europe, and this is Russia. I sympathize with Nokia and Ericsson, they are trying to restore relations with Russian operators, but they are not doing very well so far. And apparently, the sanctions slow down the development for three years, then a new normal comes, in which companies begin to live. It is clear that time is relative, but it can be guided by when we discuss what is happening with our country in a broader context. One year has passed, two years remain.

Fantasy film "Atropa"

It is correct to call this work a film, althoughnew tradition, it was divided into seven episodes and called a series, the length of one episode is from 10 to 15 minutes. It was originally a short film, then it was turned into this film. The plot of the plot is simple - the spaceship with the researchers disappeared, a sort of space ranger is sent to search for it. Science fiction is not worth waiting for here, there are a huge number of inconsistencies, many things are simply illogical and not thought out. But this does not cause any claims to the film for me, since the story of the relationship between two people unfolds against the backdrop of space. Perhaps crookedly told, a little rude, but quite having the right to life. Not a masterpiece, but quite watchable. Despite the description given by me, I can recommend watching the film, you are unlikely to spit, but you can’t call it a masterpiece either. The importance of this film is that it shows what quality modern low-budget cinema can be, this is also a kind of starting point.

P.S. The coming year will be different, no less difficult andunusual, in some ways it will unsettle, but if I may say so, it will be interesting. In many ways, everything depends on our perception of the world, our attitude to events. And I will call for rationality, to dampen emotions and first reactions. Tell us how your weekend is going, what series or films you liked, what interesting things you managed to read. And have a good year ahead of you. Let your health not fail you, your loved ones will be close, and troubles bypass. And again, Happy New Year!

The issue turned out to be small, despite the fact that, coincidentally, it is a jubilee one - 14 years have passed since the first issue of "Spikins". But let's write it off for weekends and long holidays. Good luck and, most importantly, health.

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