Spillikins No. 713. American censorship on Telegram - Durov under fire


Politics is increasingly permeating life, and the means of delivering information have become so cheap and

public that information wars are going onnon-stop. The question is how to involve people in them and what messages to send them. On Saturday, social media tried to rock the story that the Chinese army had staged a coup, President Xi was arrested and all flights over China were cancelled. It reminded me of stuffing at the end of February about disagreements between the Minister of Defense and the President of Russia, that the army is preparing to seize power. The scenario of these ducks is the same, they spread in the same way, they do not have any special effect, as they look stupid for the inhabitants of the country they are directed against. But in the same Ukraine, joy was then boundless, even in such ducks people saw something positive for themselves.

This issue of "Spikers", one way or another, is aboutsanctions, information warfare and other aspects of our current reality. Whether we like it or not, it is this part that has become prevalent and defines our present. Go!

Table of Contents

  • Information war and stuffing - mobilization from IT
  • Attack on Ericsson continues - pernicious ties with Russia
  • American censorship in Telegram - Pavel Durov's restrictions
  • Certificates from Sberbank and other companies - switching to Russian browsers
  • Yandex continues anti-Russian propaganda, Volozh dreams of exodus to Israel
  • iPhone 14 sales in Russia - federal networks and the gray market
  • About my iPhone 14 ProMax - the same iPhone, side view
  • About Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro headphones

Information war and stuffing - mobilization from IT

It bugs me how casually people startrelate to various information, look at it through their fingers. Last week, we were approached by an advertiser who asked us to post a "funny picture" on behalf of the editorial staff. We looked at the picture, it didn’t seem funny to us - the man disappeared and wiped the dialogue in Telegram behind him. And then I saw similar pictures in several channels, and they were different.

Take these screenshots in one place orthe performers took over the job, I don't know. Pay attention to the coincidence of key messages, plus pictures in the Telegram channels of those who can be called opinion leaders. How they got there is an open question, since after the refusal to place this “funny picture” for the amount that we will name, other users sent it to us several times. Did they do it themselves, because it seemed funny to them, or was it the second wave of placements that worked, I don’t know. The fact is that such pictures were obviously prepared and they were included in the work at the right time.

For any person from IT, this seems completenonsense, moreover, it all looks grotesque. Perhaps that is why such pictures appeared, there is no need to explain that this is not true, the target audience perceives everything correctly. But ordinary people see exactly the opposite in this - that IT people who receive good money suddenly decided to run away at any cost. And it is difficult to convince them of this, because they see such “confirmations”. This means that the main goal has been achieved here - a mood is created in society.

Mobilization is perceived by many as the endlight, I heard many explanations why everything is wrong, wrong, all around deception and the list goes on. I cannot share this whining, despite the fact that my sons have just finished school. I wrote a lot about it, but erased it, now it's probably superfluous. I can only say one thing - panic kills more reliably than the events themselves. And today, those who play against us are trying to instill this panic at any cost.


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Remember the stuffing about the fact that the subpoenas will come to“Public services” thus artificially created a load when people rushed to check what and how. Manipulation of pure water, which arose around an important event for everyone.

Within a few days there was a huge amountthanks to the Ministry of Digital Development and the work of Maksut Shadayev, our industry minister. The Ministry has made great efforts to ensure that people on whose work the telecom industry depends on disappear from the lists of those mobilized. Their role for society is much more important in the work they do. And here we can only support the decision that we do not scatter people, we approach this issue in a balanced way. Despite all the excesses in the field, everything that is discussed in the press, when people who do not belong there due to age, illness, and so on, fall under the draft. The very fact of these discussions, rectification of the situation shows that we have come a long way and we have a civil society.

If you work in IT, then see the sameTelegram channel of the Ministry of Digital Development, read the news about what is happening. Get all the information first hand, no need to rely on a broken phone, which turns into most social media posts.

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Attack on Ericsson continues - pernicious ties with Russia

The beauty of the sanctions that are imposed in the United States andEurope lies in the fact that they automatically hit the business of these countries, which cannot abandon the Russian market. Forced refusal turns into losses, estimated for large businesses in the hundreds of millions of dollars, the inability to return to the market in the future. There is an active replacement of European companies, the latter come up with any ways to stay in Russia. The fifth package of sanctions from Europe contains a direct ban on the work of telecommunications companies in Russia, for example, Ericsson and Nokia cannot sell equipment and software, and provide their services.

Ericsson announces they are leavingthe Russian market, back in the spring, then successively closed their office. In August, the company released a report stating that it lost SEK 900 million ($81 million) for the quarter from closing operations in Russia. It should be noted that this is only a reflection of expenses for one quarter, in future periods expenses will increase, as well as the volume of the company's operations will fall.

But like a bolt from the blue it sounded thatwe in Russia knew even before that: Ericsson left our market, but not completely. The Swedish radio Ekot played against its own company, publicizing the information that since April 2022, Ericsson had requested 12 exceptions for the supply of software and equipment, and received seven from the Swedish regulator as a result. There was a political scandal, as the radio station claimed that the equipment could be used for military purposes. The Swedish authorities immediately issued a refutation and stated that it can only be used for peaceful purposes. Ericsson repeated the mantra and said there was no hardware, only software shipments.

From a legal point of view, Ericsson did not violatesanctions - the company got the opportunity to officially supply its software, which is used by companies in Russia. I am sure that all transferred technologies are used in the civilian sector, there is no doubt about that. And the sensation is exactly what is needed so that Ericsson does not work with the Russian market even like this.

Today the scheme looks perfect for Ericsson,the company supplies software for its hardware, and does it officially. Licenses are needed for base stations and other infrastructure equipment to work. At the same time, the hardware itself is not directly supplied to Ericsson, they appear from somewhere else in an unknown way. Today's equipment is not just hardware, but also software - the latter is often more important, as it reveals the potential of the equipment. And without software, licenses for it, it is impossible to run anything.

After this story became public, Ericsson shares went down.

It should be noted that in America they are systematically tryingto crush Ericsson, for example, is accused of supplying technology to Iran. And such investigations against top managers of the company, which are more heated in the press than appear in real judicial investigations, give rise to uncertainty in the future. This is an attempt to confuse the company, change management and, if possible, weaken, or even better destroy Ericsson. The main thing here is that the company is bought by an American corporation, for example, Microsoft. Then Ericsson will be destroyed in a few years, a strong competitor will cease to exist.

Exactly the same story with Nokia, a company in"Humanitarian purposes" supplies software for Russian operators, this phrase hides exactly the same thing - the desire to maintain a minimal presence in the Russian market. And, of course, it is amazing how Russian companies suddenly “find” the equipment they need in third countries, it is delivered to our country, and no collapse happened. In America, they understand this and therefore developed another plan, which should destroy communications in Russia, strangle telecoms in our country in the bud. And this is our next topic.

US sanctions against Nvidia and AMD, ban on supplies to China and Russia

America is trying to ban the construction of supercomputers in China and Russia, but it is hitting its own companies - Nvidia and AMD. Why the American baton does not work as it should.

American censorship in Telegram - Pavel Durov's restrictions

Simultaneous removal of severalTelegram channels with a patriotic focus and at the same time discussing the military operations in Ukraine. I was not subscribed to these channels and I cannot say how much they violated the rules of Telegram and other companies, but I will assume that the very fact of the violation took place.

First you need to explain that Pavel Durov as a personTelegram has repeatedly explained that it depends entirely on distribution on iOS, that is, from Apple, as well as placement on the Play Store from Google. There are a huge number of cases when in the same Apple they demanded to close certain channels, restrict access to content, or do something else. Formally, Apple believes that if an application is available on iOS, then everything that happens in it is under the control of the company. Convenient position - Apple is not responsible for anything, but can remove any applications and services if it does not like them.

Perhaps the most notorious act of censorship was caused byemoticon of a spouting eggplant, in which many saw not a vegetable at all. Pavel Durov even posted a poll on what to do, the answers were overwhelming - people suggested leaving iOS in order to maintain independence.

The voice of the people was heard, but business interests did not allow to do so, from now on people's opinions in such matters are not asked. We talked about that situation in detail in "Spikers".

Spillikins No. 670. Censorship and propaganda at the same time, double standards of corporations

Eggplant censorship and LGBT propaganda like thisgets along at Apple; discrimination of buyers in “MVideo”; PS5 deficiency; cancellation of the loyalty program in MVideo stores; release of CO2 when eating a steak; backlog of Russia in a telecom; Galaxy Watch with eSIM.

Now those who leadinformation war against Russia, and demanded exactly the same thing that they did on YouTube - to remove a number of channels. Make them unavailable on the platform. Some of these channels were removed because they actually contained violations. The indignation with the act of censorship was great, Durov was forced to comment on the situation. Here is what he wrote.

Please note Durov does not includecomments, does not use polls or reactions - which is strange for a person who talks about openness and at the same time promotes the functions of his messenger. The reason is simple - the reaction of people will obviously not be on the side of Telegram, few people like censorship. You have created a platform, but you should not influence the content within this platform, you should not be like other social networks that clean up dissent with a red-hot iron.

Durov's explanation is logical, it is understandable.There are no resources in Telegram that allow you not to obey the same Apple or Google, then the messenger will lose its audience at least on Apple devices. And he won't be able to reach them in any way. Complete dependence on American companies and the need to follow their orders.

I have read many comments, includingour Telegram channel, where there are also personal attacks on Durov, that he did wrong. But he could not do otherwise, he simply does not have the opportunity for this. The huge audience of Telegram allows you to get a certain freedom, the company is considered, the same Apple demanded to remove a much larger number of channels - but, without proving the facts of violations, began to wait for them to appear. And here we can say thanks to Telegram for this.

But what baffles me isdual approach. If Telegram decided on censorship, albeit under external pressure, Durov says that one should not call for the murder of people, and I fully share this point of view, then why are there dozens of Ukrainian channels where this happens every day? Why do such channels not receive warnings, why are they not closed? I cannot understand this. Moreover, from conversations with people who purposefully posted complaints about inappropriate content in such channels, I judged that you are writing to your grandfather’s village, no one answers you, no one reacts.

It turns out that Apple or Google canreach out to the Telegram team and force them to change something, but a huge number of those who encounter illegal content, calls to kill people cannot do this. And here the position of Pavel Durov and the Telegram team becomes at least weak. Having said that such content is unacceptable, Durov should go further and make it unacceptable for everyone, and not just for a couple of countries that American politicians do not like and against which a full-scale war has been launched, including information. I'm curious how long Durov can resist censorship. There is a feeling that in the coming year we will see massive closures of channels without explanation, the situation that we saw on YouTube will repeat itself. The censors got their hands on this site as well.

Certificates from Sberbank and other companies - switching to Russian browsers

At the end of September, Sber started transferring itssites for certificates signed by the National Certification Authority. Let me remind you that popular browsers do not work with sites that do not have a certificate, you simply cannot open the pages you need. But certificates from the National Center are not accepted by Western companies, in particular, Chrome from Google or Safari from Apple ignore them by default. This means that when you try to open a site with one or another Sberbank service (or any other company that switches to such certificates), you will encounter the fact that you will not be allowed to load the desired page.

Gosuslugi has detailed instructions on how to add certificates on Android, iOS, Windows or MacOS. The instruction is simple and clear, you can find it here.

Those who do not want to suffer with the settingscertificates can install a Russian browser (“Yandex” or Atom, but the first one is clearly more popular). You need to understand that over time, without certificates installed, you will lose access from the same Chrome to sites where they are used, for example, Sberbank.

It's definitely not worth exaggerating the inconvenience,the situation is not critical - the transition to Russian certificates will occur everywhere, as well as the rejection of browsers from Western companies. And this is normal in the current conditions. The only question, as always, is one - is Yandex still a Russian company.

Yandex continues anti-Russian propaganda, Volozh dreams of exodus to Israel

Yandex continues to engage in anti-Russianpropaganda on the Yandex.Music platform, did not react in any way to the discussion of this issue on the network (this is of no interest to anyone, insignificant coverage, and so on). I wonder if this will become more interesting for Yandex employees when criminal cases appear, or if they continue to believe that the event is insignificant - after all, maybe those responsible for these actions are citizens of other countries and therefore relate to what is happening so easily. For me, the whole situation looks wild: Yandex deliberately, consciously spreads Ukrainian propaganda and does nothing to remove it from its service. In the end, these guys will play with fire, there can be no other way out.

Forbes, citing its sources, reportsthat Arkady Volozh, who owns Yandex, invited Alexei Kudrin to the board of directors. At the moment, Kudrin has the post of head of the Accounts Chamber. Allegedly, the country's president approved such a transition, but presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov denies that Vladimir Putin met with Kudrin and something like that was discussed.

According to Forbes, Kudrin was offered 5%Yandex shares ($325 million) for helping to split the company. So, Arkady Volozh wants to get drones (they are already in Israel), and the rest of the services and developments, apparently, will remain in Russia. I don't think this is true, since Yandex continues to withdraw intellectual property from Russia and makes every effort to do so. And this despite the fact that the only country in which Yandex makes money is Russia. Here is such an incident.

Arkady Volozh fell under personal sanctions, butthe result was that all assets belonging to Yandex were arrested in Finland. So, the company's data center is de facto unable to work, since its accounts are frozen, as is the case with the Yango taxi service. What happened in Finland is a prologue to events that will take place in other European countries, there can be no doubt about this.

We talked a lot about the fact that Yandex employeesthey create warm places for themselves outside of Russia, the flight is financed by the company, new offices are opened, not only people are exported, but also technologies created with the money that the company received on the Russian market. And this is all despite state assistance in the form of soft loans, maximum favorable treatment, and similar benefits that Yandex receives, but not others. What is happening raises many questions for officials who become blind and pretend that Yandex does not exist at all, as well as its public demarches to the state, its policies and other points. Impunity gives rise to even greater freedom in how Yandex behaves within the country, what exactly its employees consider it possible to do. At the moment, before our eyes, the company is exporting everything of value, and no one is wondering how this is possible in principle. The issue of the company's nationalization is more acute than ever, but, apparently, there is no political will of officials for this, they would prefer to make money on Yandex. If the story about Kudrin is true, then this well characterizes the relationship between government and business, for a large amount you can buy indulgence and continue to stand on the side of Ukraine, promote foreign propaganda and be a Dutch company. And everything, as Europeans like it, is a banquet at the expense of Russian users of the company's services. I no longer know what else needs to happen for Yandex to behave differently.

iPhone 14 sales in Russia - federal networks and the gray market

In "MVideo" the first of the federal playersbrought to Russia the entire line of iPhone 14 (three models), and both American models with eSIM and with a physical tray for SIM cards are available. Prices are low enough for parallel imports, see for yourself.

What is surprising here is that the boxes with the devices are opened, and they themselves are activated, and many models were activated on September 16, that is, on the day the sales began.

It doesn't look like a parallel import, but ratherit looks like exactly the same suitcase deliveries, the way it happens on the gray market. In MVideo they take the guarantee on themselves, they claim that they check the devices and therefore they are open. It is not clear to me what the essence of such a check is, but the company claims that all equipment has passed customs clearance and entered Russia legally.


Vladimir Nimin

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5 new smartphones of September

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As part of the discussion of this incident, I heardseveral versions, one of them sounds like this: the devices were activated in the country of sale so that Apple would not have claims that they were sold to Russia. Alas, such a hypothesis does not stand up to criticism, Apple sees where the devices came from and where they went. Considering that the batch is several thousand pieces, it is difficult to attribute this to private individuals, everything is sewn with white thread. Although who knows, maybe such an innocent evasion of Apple's wrath works in the market.

Interestingly, the prices of MVideo are as strong as possible.they hit the gray market, where many tried to make money and sold the devices as expensive as possible. We wrote about how the gray market works, how smartphones are transported, in a separate article.

How gray trucks bring the iPhone 14 to Russia - the gray iPhone economy

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I evaluate the gray market according to Avito, it is the bestall suitcase deliveries are presented in such a way and it is interesting to follow the number of offers (I will ask for Avito data this week, we will try to assess how supply and demand have changed). But we can already say that the appearance of phones in federal retail has sent prices down. Someone else keeps them at the old level, but most of the prices began to decline.

And this is just the beginning of the process, there will be more to come.and more interesting. In the world, the situation is even more curious, it is alleged that the production of the iPhone 14/14 Plus has been sharply reduced, and the production of Pro models is increasing. At the same time, the average price of the iPhone is growing, and Apple wants to abandon this indicator and switch to LTV (life time value).

Looking at this average iPhone price, I can saythat it is already divorced from reality, they included income from services, iron does not cost that much. But this is an ephemeral value, it is designed to emphasize that the company is doing well and is on the right track. Apple's "achievements" become especially piquant during the global crisis, when sales of all companies without exception are falling, and the most expensive smartphones on the planet show abnormal growth. It's hard to believe, and the numbers prove otherwise. But in the world of Apple, everything is cloudless, of course, according to the company. It seems to me that not only Lehman Brothers have learned how to draw reports beautifully, however, they are no longer with us.

About my iPhone 14 ProMax - the same iPhone, side view

I buy a new iPhone every yearuse it for comparisons, evaluate what has changed and how much. This year, there was an understanding that the base iPhone 14 has not changed in any way compared to the iPhone 13, these are the same models. Therefore, I took 14 Pro Max to evaluate the differences from the previous Pro model.

A few days later, I couldn't help but feelthat we've all been ripped off. There are no visible differences in anything, the exception is the Always On Display function, when a lock picture is displayed on the screen (there are many of them, and you can customize them for yourself). It eats energy like crazy, but the classic AoD is only available as one of the Focus modes, here Apple tried to be special.

After the presentation, my friend,part-time ardent Apple fan, claimed that the new camera system is a revolution: “No, well, you saw the photos during the presentation, it’s just space!”. To my assurances that I would wait and want to see with my own eyes what happened in practice, he said: “Everything is clear with you, you just don’t want to admit that Apple has made a revolution again.”

I have already formed an opinion about 14 Pro,the camera is almost the same, there are no differences from the previous model. But this week we will do a blind test so that you can choose from several shots the one that you like the most. There will be pictures at night, in daylight, indoors. Portrait of my beloved. In a word, you will be able to evaluate the cameras of different devices and choose those pictures that seem to you the best. For now, I'll keep my opinion.

The "unique" Dynamic Island looks like a very contrived feature, and the screen notch is no better than its bangs. Moving the notch doesn't make the screen bigger or better. Strange decision.

Ergonomics 14 Pro Max is monstrous, this smartphonebulky, uncomfortable, and I really do not understand how you can use it daily. The same iPhone 14 Pro is smaller, it does not crash into the hand so much, and therefore it can somehow be tolerated. But it's still bad in terms of ergonomics. I bow before people have learned to brainwash that they choose such uncomfortable decisions and rejoice in them.

There will be several materials about the new iPhones this week, so let's look at their pros and cons, and then, you see, in a week we'll get to the review.

About Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro headphones

My headphones arrived from Dubai, they cost methey cost me 10 thousand rubles (in Russia on the gray market they cost 16-17 thousand rubles). My main headphones for the city are Buds Pro, so I was looking forward to the new model.

In short - excellent headphones, the sound has changed, and tohe needs to get used to it. The volume was increased very noticeably, even without noise reduction, the headphones cut off external noise in the city, they do it with a bang. Ergonomics has changed - they sit tighter in the ears, at the same time and deeper. Everything is ambiguous here, but I like the matte case, it is rather a plus, although this is a trifle.

I don’t like that they didn’t think over the cover, the headphones can’t always be hidden in the box without looking, you need to carefully insert each ear. Maybe he just hasn't gotten used to it yet.

Looking ahead, I will say that the headphones sound verycool - in a couple of days I got used to the sound, it reveals the music well. In a word, the transition took place, and now I'm with these headphones, they make me happy. In the review I will consider all the pros and cons, compare them with the previous version. Wait a week.

P.S. Everything around is restless, people are worried andworry about everything. Stay reasonable, and most importantly, calm, in the current situation, this is the most important thing. May everything go well for you and your loved ones, good luck in good deeds. Have a nice work week!

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