Spillikins No. 707. MegaFon is the No. 1 mobile operator, and MTS was denied love


Sometimes, apparently, it is not worth looking for meaning where there is none and cannot be. The past week sincerely and

seriously tried to consider a new retail formatfrom MTS - GURU stores. But, as my friend said, this occupation is useless and meaningless, people have created a scope of work for themselves in order to be in business and so that they would not be fired during subsequent reorganizations, since they are busy. I got it, I confess. I sincerely believed that this was an attempt to create a new retail format. On the other hand, it explains everything that is possible and answers the questions that I had. After all, it is important to understand the tasks and goals, only then can we say how the result corresponds to them. Through the prism of saving the jobs of specific people, there are no questions here - the task has been solved. But the GURU format cannot be taken seriously, since the format does not exist. There is an imitation of violent activity without the desire to achieve any intelligible result. And this, of course, is sad, because I want to believe in a reasonable and bright. And trust me, it's a lot easier.

Probably, it is worth starting our issue with the theme of the struggle of MTS against the whole world. Go!

Table of Contents

  • MegaFon is mobile operator No. 1, FAS rejected MTS claims
  • Samsung 108-megapixel ISOCELL HM6 module
  • SLED - another TV backlight technology
  • About connecting "Change the dial tone", phantom service
  • Geodata and its accuracy are unpleasant discoveries
  • Exhibition Moscow Urban Forum - a report about the achievements of the capital

MegaFon is mobile operator No. 1, FAS rejected MTS claims

Let me remind you of the plot line.MegaFon began to advertise itself as the No. 1 mobile operator in terms of speed, immediately giving a link to the Ookla speed study for Russia. Such advertising appeared on the Internet, as well as on the windows of the company's stores.

MTS considered that MegaFon is undeservedcalls himself number one, and turned to the FAS with a claim. The very approach of MTS looked like a weakness, especially since the attempt to unite other operators against MegaFon failed. No one wanted to be friends against MegaFon, just as no one began to respond to this advertisement, everyone has enough of their own things at the moment.

The FAS considered the claims of MTS and considered thatthere is no violation of the law on advertising, all footnotes are given, which means that MegaFon is in its right. It suddenly turned out that MegaFon's lawyers are stronger than those of MTS. And in general, the decision of the MTS management to substitute the company in this way looks somehow strange. MTS could not derive any benefit from this, but to collect all the bumps - definitely. Basically, that's what happened.


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A press release can be considered an evasive maneuver"MTS-Bank", which appeared exactly at the moment when it became known that the FAS took the side of "MegaFon". Its absurdity, untimeliness, and in some ways even savagery diverted attention from another event, which is negative for MTS. Read for yourself what a bank press release looks like when looking for an employee.

Moscow, RF - PJSC MTS-Bank announcesJob openings for Friendship Specialist. His key responsibilities will include: laugh at the jokes of colleagues, sincerely rejoice at their successes, invite them to lunch or a coffee break on the summer terrace, keep company on the sports ground or playing consoles.

Drink coffee during lunch on the summer veranda

Laugh at the jokes of colleagues, throw humor into team chats

・Rejoice in the accomplishments of colleagues

Successfully throw the ball into the basketball hoop on the sports ground

Support during difficult times

· Dine with colleagues in a corporate cafe

Love sports or running: choice of gym, yoga and running community

Be a fan at sporting events of MTS Fintech

· Coordinate parties, picnics, business trips.

For the past six months, I have been feeling thatin MTS there is no strategy, but only a path. Chaotic, paranormal, but the way. And there are plenty of examples of this - the return of unlimited Internet for three days and its immediate cancellation, the launch of GURU premium retail, about which I wrote several materials and took it to pieces.

Premium retail from MTS - GURU. Expensive escape from reality

The first acquaintance with the new flagship store from MTS, we examine the sign, discuss the mixture of languages ​​and what meets us inside.

But even the GURU brand is registered to anothercompany, and the rights to it do not belong to MTS, another pebble in the garden of the company's lawyers. It looks amazing, to say the least. But, apparently, the repainting of MTS stores is a necessity, since in retail this brand has greatly depreciated itself and loses to everyone without exception.

Inside MTS there have always been many problems thatwere compensated by market growth, strong positions, the ability to spend billions on inefficient things, these expenses sank in the total revenue. But now the time has come for all operators to optimize, it is necessary to change and do it quickly. I have a feeling that most of the operator's employees are grasping at the ghosts of the past and do not want to change anything. Hence the repainting of the walls, rearranging the beds, but not some key changes that could affect the business. Imitation of violent activity. For the market, due to the size and importance of the MTS, this is a dangerous behavior, since in the end it exacerbates the crisis. The operator needs to somehow come to terms with the current state of affairs and the reality around, otherwise the landing will be very painful. Spending your resources during a crisis on finding out who is number one and who is not is somehow childish and frivolous. But this is just a touch to the portrait, there are much more problems.

Samsung 108-megapixel ISOCELL HM6 module

Sales of realme 9 4G began in Russia, this is the firstdevice with a new 108 megapixel module from Samsung. We should not be misled by the resolution of the module, since it is focused on models of the middle segment. The pixel size is 0.64μm, the matrix, of course, is Quad Bayer (Nonapixel RGB Bayer Pattern). Matrix size — 1/1.67”.

In theory, the module supports 8K video recording, butin practice, it depends on what exactly the manufacturer has licensed in the module. Like other component manufacturers, Samsung does not license all module features within the base price. Separate functions can be bought in addition if necessary, initially they are not. Therefore, in the same realme 9, you can not look for an 8K recording, but there is also no 4K video there. The choice of the manufacturer, which rests on money. I can’t say what has not yet been got in the aspect of realme 9 software, but I would venture to suggest that here we are seeing the basic version of the module. And we can evaluate it by the result. Let's look at the photos.

  • Original photos (zip, 33 MB) >>>

I was surprised that the autofocus is set so thatit works well for scenes with people in the frame, but at close distances of 10-20 centimeters it starts to fail, even if you select an object. Taking pictures of bumblebees on flowers with this camera is not very convenient, the sharpness starts to walk.

Turning a 108-megapixel shot into 12megapixels is achieved by combining nine pixels into one. And here you can choose several algorithms - fast, but not too neat, or slow. The choice is also on the side of the smartphone manufacturer. A fast algorithm is selected here, which can be seen in the pictures, they are a little sloppy. Perhaps the reasoning was that those in need of high resolution would opt for 108 megapixels. Let's take a look at these pictures.

Here the picture is noticeably better, more details, as well aswas originally intended. But to say that the resolution makes the pictures noticeably better and more interesting is impossible. This is a confident quality for its segment, no more and no less. Perhaps everything depends on the algorithms used, but it is impossible to say for sure.

Penetration of matrices with high resolution inthe mass segment can be considered a predetermined affair, which means that we will see the improvement of algorithms and various improvements. Comparing the model of the middle segment with that of five years ago, it can be argued that the quality of the images has increased markedly. But within the framework of two neighboring years, it is difficult, if not impossible, to see the difference in the quality of photographs. The same 64-megapixel matrices have proven themselves well. And the quality of the final image largely depends not only on the matrix, but also on the speed of the processor, the ISP built into it, and how it is compatible with the module. Exactly the same thing we see when comparing the "same" Chinese smartphones on the same chipset, they behave very differently. This is another reason to recall that, in addition to paper characteristics, it is also necessary to evaluate how the components were assembled into a single product and what happened as a result.

SLED - another TV backlight technology

In addition to realme 9, the company launched its ownTVs, for Chinese manufacturers it has become a landmark - to expand the range of devices: TVs, laptops, smart devices. Everyone is slowly becoming a sort of Huawei or Xiaomi, which is good for the market, companies are being formed before our eyes that in the future can become the new Samsung or Sony. Prices for TVs look adequate, plus or minus in the market for such devices.

During a short presentation, I heard for myselfthe new term is SLED, this is a different type of backlight. Moreover, the comparison is no more, no less with Samsung's QLED, which gives excellent results in practice. For obvious reasons, realme says that their solution is much better.

In fact, the white color is formed due to threecolors (in QLED only due to the blue that passes through the quantum dots and is converted to white), but does it matter? I heard a quantitative assessment that when there are three colors, then the white color turns out better, and blue is completely harmful to the eyes. Unfortunately or fortunately, but the final white color is no different, it is white! You can discuss how it is formed, but at the output we get exactly white and nothing else. There is no special white, he is alone.

From a marketing point of view, linking to the leadermarket is the right move, you need to put yourself side by side. Show that you have something more and something better, including in the expectation that no one will understand the details of technology. And that's good old marketing. Every time I remember about the "stolen pixels" and smile. In some matrices, a dot (the same pixel) is formed by two subpixels, not three. There is no difference in image quality, screen resolution. It is impossible to see it with the eye. But for the layman they create a horror story that they are deceiving him, they didn’t report something and he overpays, since the pixels were stolen! Sheer stupidity, but the story was tenacious, some people saw the stolen pixels with the naked eye. Sometimes it seems to me that many people have nothing to do at all and they look for such problems that are not worth a damn.

The SLED trademark is registered by realme, so it will be difficult to see this type of backlight from other manufacturers. And it's also marketing that works, the right way to create these things.

I can't really say anything about TVs, soas seen by only one in a dimly lit bar. A bright picture, no frames, a fairly convenient menu. At first glance, it does not differ from similar Chinese TVs in any way, it was difficult to expect some kind of miracle here. On the other hand, we have a lot of buyers who sincerely believe that you can find a TV five times cheaper and the quality is in no way inferior to Samsung, LG or Sony. As if they take only for the brand, but there are no technologies inside. As a simple person, I always try to look not at the name of this or that super-duper technology, but at the picture that I observe - videos, photos, streaming. And I make a choice based on what I like visually. And what will be the name of the matrix or what kind of trademarks are pasted on the TV box, the tenth thing.

About connecting "Change the dial tone", phantom service

Last weekend for the first time in a long timean interesting story happened related to the services of the operator. On a phone with a SIM card, MegaFon unexpectedly received an SMS message stating that the "Change dial tone" service, as well as "Personal dial tone" has been activated. I didn’t order anything, I was connected to Wi-Fi at home, I didn’t use mobile Internet. And the service was connected at the eleventh hour in the evening. The cost is three rubles a day, a little, but I did not connect the service. Something went wrong somewhere, got into the settings and turned off the service.

To my surprise, at almost two in the morning sheconnected again. In the morning I called the customer service, made a request and asked to look into this issue. Lyrical digression - my experience suggests that correct communication with the subscriber service of any operator works wonders, some unsuccessful stories only confirm this rule. Many people call on their nerves, break down, which creates the wrong style of communication. Therefore, be calm, deal with problems soberly, without emotions. And there is no need to pour accusations in the style of “you owe me, I pay you money” and so on. Errors happen in any more or less complex systems, you need to be prepared for them and take them calmly.

After a call, I was turned off these services.Thirty minutes passed, and they turned on again! Another call to the support team to tell them that I already have a ticket and my adventure continues. Turned off again. Then she turned on again. Turned it off again. She turned on again.

I even decided to experiment and just turned it offphone after I was turned off these services. Completely turned off the phone, and the service turned on again! I called the subscriber service, told about the experiment, because I was worried about what was happening, I was wondering if I had caught a Trojan inadvertently.

One of our readers the previous eveningadvised an app that became free on the Play Store, I downloaded it. And after that, such a pandemonium began. In the morning I deleted it, at the same time rebooted the phone, but, as you remember, these phantom subscriptions continued to appear.

They took a timeout in the subscriber service, returned tome in the middle of the week. The money for the subscriptions was returned, the reason was not named in detail, but they said that everything was fixed and this would not happen again. Not me, not anyone else. In parallel, while I was waiting for the end of the story, I searched the forums for reviews of similar problems, but did not find anything like that. In 2019, there was one story with a similar development, the final was exactly the same - the money was returned, more subscriptions were not included.

Went from the other end, informally asked forGoogle to look at the app to see if there are any flaws. There was nothing more to sin on, but there was nothing in the application that would raise doubts - everything was decent at first glance. The answer was startling: the app contained additional code that included subscriptions for a number of operators. The number of victims is unknown, but about two hundred people downloaded the application during this period in Russia. Malicious code got into an application with a third-party library, and there is a feeling that someone was having fun and testing such features, which, by definition, could not bring commercial success. Too insignificant application, small coverage, and a specific library that most developers do not need. The creators of the application swear that they have nothing to do with what is happening, I tend to believe them.


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The conclusion to be drawn is simple.Always think about what exactly you did before the problems started. Perhaps they installed an application, gave someone access to their phone, went to some sites (executing code on a site has long been a reality of our time). Toxic subscriptions are unprofitable for operators, for the sake of three rubles a day (for two services - 6 rubles a day!) MegaFon is unlikely to want to lose a subscriber who pays them much more. And this is a fact.

To date, operators do not play such games.toxic subscriptions, those are a thing of the past. And here, of course, you need to always keep your eyes open, troubles can come unexpectedly, as happened to me. It’s good that we managed to find out everything, and at the same time I made sure once again that you don’t need to install applications out of curiosity on your main phone. Although, on the other hand, this is one story in a thousand. There are times when toxic subscriptions are the middle name of a company and the choice is made consciously, as in the case of Tinkoff.

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Geodata and its accuracy are unpleasant discoveries

There was a dispute that indoor accuracypositioning is very low and therefore this data cannot be used for anything. Moreover, the person confidently asserted this, cited his own example and refused to believe that all his movements in the shopping center were calculated and in hindsight you can say exactly where he was, how long he stayed in each store and, in theory, even “see” at which shelves he stopped .

People often confuse real-time navigation andthe information that the same Google or Apple receives, which allows you to accurately recreate your routes, calculate the distance from other devices or people. In some cases, information seeps into the outside world, which becomes a discovery for someone. One such situation was the storming of the Capitol in Washington, when Trump supporters occupied the building. There are cases against them in court, one of the evidence of their presence is the logs provided by both Google and Apple, which show movements inside the building. And regardless of whether geolocation was enabled or not!

Sounds fantastic, doesn't it?But we proceed from the simple assumption that we have the right to control our smartphones, we are the masters of devices and are able to turn off certain features - for example, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and the list goes on. Manufacturers have a completely different view of these things, they allow us to be mistaken that we can do this, but in fact all the information continues to flow into the smartphone and is stored. Interestingly, when you remove your own geotags, you cannot remove tracks that are collected for you. That is, formally, you have power only over the information that is shown to you.

And in hearings against those who broke intoCapitol, this is on full display. That is, for the first time people saw that their movements inside the premises were outlined in sufficient detail, moreover, the accuracy of the calculation was based on many variables - the distance to other devices, the speed of movement, the built-in compass and other indirect signs. The smartphone has become such a device that it is able to very accurately monitor its owner. And the fact that you "manage" it is just a fiction.

Can all data be accessed? No.The reason is that other people's data are also involved in the calculation of such routes, which are waiting in the wings. That is, it turns out that Apple and Google recreated routes based on an array of data, and not only on what is in the phone’s memory or on the company’s servers. And this improves accuracy, makes the picture completely different. Such systems are already a reality; they have come to our world for a long time, if not forever. And it’s impossible to hide from them, so it’s pointless to invent some things.

For example, an American boy spied onsome series of miracle glasses, they have built-in IR illumination, and instead of a face, a blurry bright spot is visible on the cameras. Cool idea that seems to make video surveillance pointless. In practice, a person has a phone, and it can be easily tracked with it, because the waypoints are visible on the cameras. Even if there is no phone, then you can track the cameras to the place where the person left, find his route and then understand who it is. The new generation of cameras in China doesn't look at faces so much, it has learned to recognize gait and other unique parameters associated with each person. Hiding yourself entirely on the street will definitely not work. And therefore, the digitization of life, of how people move along the streets, is a matter of the near future for all countries that are developing such technologies. The sooner you realize this moment, the better. There are no more places to hide from digital technologies. Moreover, we ourselves are happy to give the opportunity to watch us, exchange our privacy for the convenience of using certain services. And nothing bad comes of it, at least for now. But it is important to know and understand how technology works, that smartphones collect much more information than you think and what you see.

Exhibition Moscow Urban Forum - a report about the achievements of the capital

In one of the Telegram channels I came across somethingthat the Moscow Urban Show 2022 exhibition is being held in the Manezh, show the achievements of the urban economy. The visit is free, and at the same time I was nearby, so I popped in to take a half-hearted look at what it was like.

I liked the format of the exhibition because it can beconditionally divided into two parts. The first, in which the city authorities report on how they are changing the face of the city, talk about plans for the construction of transport interchanges, the subway, the housing stock renovation program and other projects. In the second, developers demonstrate their residential complexes, allow you to evaluate the layout of apartments and the amenities that are on the territory.

Surprisingly many mothers with young children, forthere is expanse and a lot of entertainment inside them, which are typical for large exhibitions. You can swing on a swing, take 360-degree photos of yourself, ride a virtual slope in a VR helmet, or ride a motorcycle. There is always a line of people waiting for such rides.

In one of the rooms they recreated Khrushchev, a small apartment with a carpet and a TV.

Until now, many people live in such apartments,but gradually the housing stock is being replaced, and this can only be welcomed. Looking at the endless layouts of residential complexes and the development of certain areas of the city, I could not leave the thought of how beautiful Moscow has become. I admit this often, as I walk around the city, ride a scooter and always stumble upon new buildings, squares and simply beautifully designed streets. The city stretches upward, the old and ugly buildings disappear, only the most characteristic examples of past architecture remain. Moscow is a very comfortable city to live in, and every year it gets even better. There is no comparison with world capitals, each of them is inferior to Moscow in terms of the quality of life. I love Berlin, Barcelona, ​​New York, London, Hong Kong, Beijing, I dislike Paris, I know each of the cities like the back of my hand. None of them can match today's Moscow, the difference is too great, and there is no place for jingoistic patriotism, it's just a statement of fact. Parks, museums, social life in the city - all this is a cut above in Moscow. The exhibition shows well the technologies that are involved in the rapid development of the city.

And quickly running through the exhibition, I can say thatthe city will become even more interesting, it is changing. In two or three years, we will get even more public spaces in each of the districts, more metro stations, more transport interchanges. And the development of Moscow is part of the rise that the country as a whole is experiencing. The whole country is being built, albeit unevenly, not as fast as we would like. But there are changes, and there are many of them. It seemed to me that Peter could not be awakened from eternal sleep, but the city is also changing before our eyes, becoming better and more interesting. Although there is no end to the work. But there are many other cities where changes are also visible: Sochi, Gelendzhik, Kaliningrad, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Vladivostok and many others.

Every time I write something good about Moscowor Russia as a whole, I stumble upon a certain amount of negativity - they say, life is different and not at all like that. It's you there, in Moscow, snickering, go to Ust-Popinsk and there you will realize how bad everything is. It's good that now they are looking for Ust-Popinsk on the map of an immense country, before they simply offered to drive to St. Petersburg, then to Yekaterinburg, then to smaller cities. After all, it suddenly turned out that large cities are developing, and dynamically, it has become impossible to cite them as an example with a minus sign. Not seeing this means putting a blindfold on your own eyes and not wanting to admit the obvious things. The stereotype of perception in many people lags behind reality, it's a pity, but it's a fact.

Plus, let's add the eternal whining about how everyonebad, how terrible everything is and nothing good will ever happen in Russia. It's just that in fact it's exactly the opposite. But why look at the facts if a person has an opinion, which for him is the only measure of reality.

Here are some photos from one of the recentwalks around Moscow, just went to a meeting on a scooter. The city is obviously “terrible”, the worst thing about it is clean streets and cheerful people, despite the global situation.

P.S. Have a good working week, I can wish you fromsouls, so that you meet smart people, because stupid people quickly and hopelessly get tired. Good mood, cool books and everything that brings joy in everyday life. So that the sun shines brightly, but does not blind. Good luck!

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