Spillikins No. 700. "Yandex" in the service of Russia, now a state-owned company?


Another round number, seven hundred issues of Spills, which came out every week outside

depending on what was happening around, mystate and where I was. Chatting in a friendly company with an actress of a well-known Russian theater, we discussed the theater school, the ideological component, and the phrase sounded: “In a theater school, everything is built around an idea, you can feel bad, die, experience a personal tragedy. But I have to go on stage, do my best, and leave all my worries and sores somewhere out there. Often there is simply no replacement for you, there is no one who will come out instead, which means that everything depends on you and what you have to do. A very accurate description for people who are driven by an idea and love for what they do.

I have a lot of different interests behind me,but when I accidentally came into contact with the world of telecom, I realized that this is what I want to do, and I have been here for twenty-five years. "Spikers" have been released since March 2008, a rather long time, but not a huge one either. I hope that we will be able to get to the round thousandth issue and even exceed it. I won’t undertake to guess, life has become unpredictable, and we are losing our best comrades more and more often, and often for seemingly trifling reasons. But the idea remains the same: no matter what happens, you'll get Spillikins every Monday.

I will not cheat at all if I say that manytopics, yes there are many, the vast majority, are born thanks to you. Your experience forms the basis of the texts, as well as the problems that need to be solved are reflected on our pages. We are not afraid to show companies what they are doing wrong so that they have the opportunity to correct their approach to customers and the market. And this is a principled position, which every time costs nerves, loss of advertising budgets and other troubles. Being a flyer in modern life is much easier and more profitable, but it is boring and often banally ugly. I hope that with your support we will continue to maintain the right tone and direction. Thanks again for everything. And let's start our usual release. Go!

Table of Contents

  • Failure of "Yandex.Taxi", failure of "Lavka" - as well as the debts of "Yandex"
  • "Tinkoff" - commission for YouTube
  • 26 survivors in the Russian office of Microsoft - business closure
  • Hacked Microsoft product keys are the new reality
  • Starlink - the next growth problems and an existential threat to existence
  • Books. David Edmonds, "Would You Kill a Fat Man?"

Failure of "Yandex.Taxi", failure of "Lavka" - as well as the debts of "Yandex"

On Friday, June 24, taxis stood up all over the country,working with Yandex, as well as those services that relied on the company's software, it is natural that the failure also affected them. Yandex did not comment on how long the failure lasted, but I, having caught him in the car, asked the driver to call me when everything was working again. When we got to the right place, the driver could not close the order, he had to call the support service, according to him, it took about half an hour, then after five minutes the order was closed. In total, the failure took about three hours. The irritation of those who could not order a car during this period was understandable, the usual benefits suddenly disappeared.

We can definitely say that the failure happened inIT infrastructure of Yandex, there were no other, external reasons for it. I have a feeling that cardinal changes are taking place within the company: they are shuffling the server economy, bringing some services to other modes of operation. I hear constant complaints that the navigation from Yandex has sometimes become dull, often the coordinates are determined in a strange way, the route is worked out on the map with a slight delay. I think this is also the other side of how things work, servers under load.

By the end of the day, the drivers had not received compensation,usually it looks like a time period during which Yandex does not take a commission to its address, that is, all the money goes to the driver. Compensation is not too high, but better than nothing. The failure in Lavka was of exactly the same nature, temporary, so to speak.


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Unfortunately, the load on Yandex services, andany other company will grow. It is impossible to compensate for the increase in load with new capacities; companies do not want or are physically unable to buy iron in the required volumes. And this says one thing - that the load on a piece of equipment increases multiple. As a result, the service life of this equipment is sharply reduced, it works outside the usual, comfortable conditions, for wear and tear. It is not difficult to guess what will happen next, it will begin to fail. And plugging holes will cause services to fail from time to time. We need to get used to the fact that various services, not just Yandex, will go offline for a while. And it is desirable to think over what to do in such situations.

In the minds of people, different things are intertwinedin a whimsical way. I was driving along Michurinsky Prospekt, a Yandex drone was rolling ahead in a couple of cars, something scared him on an empty road, and he began to slow down. The SUV following him hummed with displeasure until it overtook the car. The driver said the sacramental: “Yandex has malfunctions, but they want to give up people, the whole city will stand up after this.”

Tried to explain that drones are autonomous anddo not depend on the infrastructure of telecom operators or Yandex, but did not find understanding. It was easier for the driver to console himself with the hope that people would be important, and his profession would not disappear in the end. Pay attention to how two different events are fused into a single explanation of what is happening around, and the synthesis gives an incorrect, distorted picture of the world. But it sounds logical, after all, the word “Yandex” appears everywhere.

There was a lot of news around Yandex, one ofthe main thing is the settlement of the company's debt to external investors. Let me remind you that Yandex has bonds worth $1.25 billion, and the company has previously reported that it does not have the funds to pay them off. On June 16, Yandex reported that it had reached an agreement with a committee of shareholders, under which an amount of $140,000 would be paid for every $200,000, as well as 957 shares of Yandex N.V.

The transaction is financed by raising a loan,but the company does not talk about its conditions and about who provided such an amount and under what security. Rumors claim that the loan was received in Russia and that this is money from one of the structures associated with the state. Yandex itself and its assets become the pledge, which reliably ties the company to the Russian market.

If you look at the chain of events, thena rather voluminous picture of what is happening with Yandex emerges. The company zealously began to withdraw assets from the Russian market, to consider the possibility of transporting employees to other countries, including Israel. There was a feeling that Yandex would quickly split into two parts, and the Russian one was needed solely to generate cash flow, the sympathies of Yandex top managers were outside the Russian market. But as soon as Arkady Volozh came under the personal sanctions of the European Union, everything changed in a matter of days, exactly the opposite. The withdrawal of assets suddenly stopped, the company began to declare its commitment to the Russian market, spoke about the construction of its new office on Kosygin Street and even published a video about it. The bravura message contrasted sharply with the silence of previous months, when many asked what would happen to this office, whether Yandex would continue building it. Now there is an answer.

When a company like Yandex goes toattracting money from certain sources, in addition to financial obligations, it takes on another burden. One of the key issues that worries officials in Russia is the brain drain, it is not huge, but noticeable, and Yandex has been a major contributor to this trend. From now on, apparently, the vast majority of the company's employees can forget about moving to other countries, they remain in Russia. Business trips - always please, moving - no. The situation forces Arkady Volozh to become a patriot of Russia in order to save his business, his business is not expected anywhere else. So we can say that this whole situation will gradually be resolved by the fact that the company's employees will be instilled with completely different views on life, especially since this will already be a targeted impact, the ideological component within the company will begin to change dramatically in the coming year. The times of Elena Bunina and the recruitment of people with certain political views will remain in the past, now everything is exactly the opposite - not the neutrality that was declared, but a completely conscious position. And this is a payment for solving financial problems, for everything you need to pay in full. I think that the principal employees of Yandex will be in a fever for some time, but given that for the majority this is just a way to make money, in the end everything will be fine. The re-education of the company will be successful, it, albeit unwittingly, will play for our country and develop its competencies within Russia. Amazing metamorphoses, but also an unusual time.

Yandex.Food and deleting your orders from the service is an attempt to whitewash yourself

An imaginary tool for managing the history of your orders in Yandex.Food, deleting data that remains on the company's servers.

"Tinkoff" - commission for YouTube

The topic, of course, is not entirely about IT, but goodcharacterizes what we may face in the near future, when banks and other organizations try to shift their problems onto the shoulders of ordinary people. Tinkoff introduced commissions for SWIFT transfers, there is no economic justification for this, since their cost is quite low. But the bank's commission has become equal to $200, that is, if you are transferred $150, then all the money will be taken from you without a trace. The good news is that you don't owe the bank anything.

Many YouTube channel owners believed thatTinkoff is innovative through and through, and further down the list, foaming at the mouth, they proved it, the reality turned out to be much tougher than one could imagine. For example, payments converted into rubles are also withdrawn if you receive less than 15,000 rubles.

Robbery in broad daylight, there's no other way to describe thissituation is impossible. On the other hand, many who believed in Tinkoff's innovations have already encountered situations where technical "failures" within the bank led to a loss of money on shares, and for some reason this always happened in the bank's favor. The number of ugly situations in the last couple of years has gone off scale, but who stops it?

Here we can discuss which exampleTinkoff serves the market, because these “innovations” will start to take root very quickly if an adequate and timely response is not followed. In such a situation, only one reaction is possible - to refuse any services of the bank and all companies that work under this brand. Only a noticeable churn of customers will be a lesson for other "innovators" who want to repeat this experience. But if this does not happen, very soon we will live in a situation where any oversight on your part, any mistake will cost a tidy sum, they will simply begin to withdraw money from you. As for me, this is a very important story, how we will live, and what model of behavior for the market will become dominant, directly depends on the actions of disparate people. I sincerely do not want to be in a situation where you need to check your every step, wade through the intricacies of contracts and lose your money out of the blue.

From other news, which is well illustratedproblems with equipment and IT systems — after a wave of stories with debited money, Tinkoff experienced failures in the application. It was quickly repaired. This is definitely not some kind of revenge on the part of upset users, but rather just a burden that today falls on all IT systems in Russia, we live under huge external pressure.

26 survivors in the Russian office of Microsoft - business closure

Microsoft is consistently shutting down operations inRussia, which leads to the reduction of the office, out of four hundred people, twenty-six remained. The necessary minimum to sit on the farm, close the priority issues and rake up some old topics. But in general, we can say that the volume of Microsoft operations has decreased to a minimum, as well as product sales have risen. Some individual products continue to be supplied, but this no longer plays a role, since the state was the main client of the company in the face of both institutions and corporations. And now the market for Microsoft and other American corporations is closing.

Microsoft's losses can be estimated indirectly,I propose to look at the latest acquisition of the VTB Group, 100 thousand licenses for the My Office package were purchased, the transaction amount is 1.2 billion rubles. As part of the package, the VTB Group receives perpetual licenses, while guaranteeing support for five years under the 24/7 scheme. The cost of the package looks adequate under such conditions, in fact, we can safely say that this volume of licenses will be used for at least 6-7 years. And this is the money that Microsoft lost (in their case, support and maintenance cost much more).

VTB started studying Russian software long beforebeginning of this year, testing of jobs began back in 2021, and the current purchase does not look like an emotional purchase of a pig in a poke, all the pros and cons of such a decision are clear. The replacement of current systems will take place gradually, “My Office” will appear at the workplace, which can only be welcomed.

There is an important point here, that if earlier, buyingsoftware from Microsoft, we gave money to the side, that is, we paid for an imported product, but now all this money remains inside Russia, works within the framework of our economy. And these are not only taxes, but also investments in new developments and directions. I can only welcome what is happening and I think that this is the right approach.

Russian corporations were reluctant to choosedomestic software, and the reasons for this are clear - worse support, many characteristics were not as good as those of Western counterparts. But the lack of mass demand did not allow the rapid development of products, they always lagged behind. Now there is money and a chance that everything will change. In the medium term, the departure of the same Microsoft will serve Russian companies in good stead, but it will not work to return to the market.

I think that Microsoft has realized this, and nowthe rhetoric that the company plans to support schools and educational institutions has ended, there was also no place for the company's products. And in the absence of money, there will be no altruism. So, Microsoft de facto closed all areas, including the XBox. Which suggests that in the short term there will still be localizations for games, but then they will disappear. To some extent, we are returning to the beginning of the 2000s, the market is changing.

The office in Krylatskoye will apparently be closed in autumn,At the moment, the premises are still occupied, the contract is not over. But Microsoft is looking for an opportunity to cross it, the same Huawei has already taken the parking spaces of an American corporation (they are sitting next door), plans to expand its office, negotiations on premises are underway.

Every month we hear about big deals withRussian software, Russian Railways bought Postgres Professional for 1.08 billion rubles, Rosatom acquired Astra Linux OS for 820 million rubles. But this is only the tip of the iceberg, a huge number of small and medium-sized companies buy such software in other volumes, where the numbers do not make such an impression. But they are large enough to claim that there has been a renaissance of the software market in Russia. In a matter of months, the rejection of foreign software began. Not everywhere such a refusal is possible, but most of the software is replaceable, which means that the money remains inside the country again, and this is excellent. But the main thing is that such developments receive new injections and begin to live in a different paradigm.

In the next 5-6 quarters, the same Microsoft will showfalling profits and revenues will gradually fix the withdrawal from Russia. They have the opportunity to “smear” negative results over different quarters, but the result will still turn out to be negative. Too big a piece of the pie is cut off by the fact that Russia for the first time took a tough stance and closed its market to American companies, created all the conditions for their exit. Microsoft could not work in the new conditions, it was too difficult and there were many political risks. I definitely won’t worry about the fact that the company left Russia, there is no point in this.

Hacked Microsoft product keys are the new reality

For several years, enterprising employeesMicrosoft makes money by selling activation keys for a range of the company's products—Windows, Office, and more. This is superimposed on the fact that within Microsoft the departments that are supposed to deal with pirates have been disbanded. For example, the Russian office of the company did not have such people in principle, and it was necessary to complain about the dominance of keys for activating products to the German office, where one person was responsible for this, and he simply could not do his job. All conditions for the sale of unofficial keys to flourish have been created.

Just type in the search "buy a windows 11 key", you will see the following results.

We go to the same AliExpress and there we seevarious offers, buying Windows 11 will cost you less than 200 rubles! Beauty, and only. At the same time, there is no persecution from Microsoft, the company, in theory, could sue the site, but it is not up to it. In fact, Microsoft employees have created a candle factory within the corporation and are exploiting the shortcomings of a system that they know well from the inside.

The only case of dealing with leftist codesXBox accounts became activations, where, using a vulnerability in the system, they received three-year Xbox game pass ultimate subscriptions for minimal money, such subscriptions were recently canceled, and, of course, no money was returned to anyone. But here it’s more likely that they found an external vulnerability and twisted money, and Microsoft programmers closed this template, removed all activations with its help. But in all other cases, activation codes look valid, and Microsoft does not fight them in practice, puts up with the fact that they exist. Perhaps the problem is that an attempt to disable them can lead to the fact that even those who bought the software quite legally will go under the knife - there will be more problems compared to the losses that the situation itself brings.

The vaunted protection of digital products has proven to befiction, so the market for fake subscriptions and activations is thriving, almost any product can be bought for minimal money, use it at your own peril and risk. Absolute protection does not exist, and if you wish, you can purchase such keys, but does it make sense? In Russia, many began to purchase them, since they could not directly buy products from Microsoft, the company stopped selling them. But as for me, you just need to abandon MS products, because sooner or later you still have to do it. It is better to start crawling to other solutions earlier in order to calmly master them.


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Starlink - the next growth problems and an existential threat to existence

Everything Elon Musk touches is right thereacquires a touch of some technological elitism, as if the projects being created are endowed with a hidden meaning that is inaccessible to everyone around. The low-orbit constellation of Starlink satellites still does not function as intended, but the Internet is already working and covers the territory of America, Europe, the service is provided to end users. And if at the stage of system deployment, errors, low signal transmission speed were associated with its setting, today the story is reversed - the more clients, the less system throughput at a particular point in space. At the moment, about half of the satellites are in orbit, this is about 2200 pieces, the total volume should be twice as much.

In America, the trouble for Starlink came from 5G networks,many operators want to use the Ku band (12GHz) to increase 5G bandwidth, especially since they have licenses to do so. Starlink wrote a letter to the Federal Communications Commission stating that studies and tests show that 77% of users will fall under strong interference from 5G networks with this range and will not be able to use satellite Internet.

The cunning of Starlink is obvious, the company was originallytalked about how her Internet is important for areas where there is no connection today. It turns out that 5G will not appear there, and in densely populated areas and in cities, the presence of 5G cannot affect the satellite signal. Before us is a classic attempt at manipulation, the creation of a larger area for the distribution of their services than what was originally planned. Too expensive, too complex a project, and every penny the company can get is needed. The fact that with this approach there will be interference is beyond doubt, but initially 5G was simply not supposed to work where Starlink should work.

The Verge released a rather interesting reviewStarlink RV, within the same continent, you can move around with your plate and get internet anywhere you are. The cost of the Internet in the United States is $135, add here the cost of a plate of $599 - expensive. But for some, this is a real opportunity to get the Internet where it never was.

I really liked the comparison of Starlink RV withconventional cellular communication, which just destroys the myth about the harmfulness of 5G for this network. The author traveled around Europe and tried how Starlink RV and regular cellular work.

Source theverge.com

Starlink's win seems obvious, but wewe compare places where people usually spend a little time and do not need a lot of bandwidth. They play games on the beach, watch movies less often. They come to the forest for exactly the same thing - to take a walk, enjoy nature. And therefore, operators do not install base stations there, do not expand coverage - there is simply no economics in such actions. But for satellite Internet, any space without high-quality coverage by cellular networks is a plus, in fact, they are focused on this. We can safely say that just as the emergence of GPS was dictated by military tasks, so Starlink has two incarnations - civilian and military. Moreover, the second one is financed at the expense of the first, everything is as usual. The history of Starlink in Ukraine illustrates this well, now this country has become the first full-scale test site for Starlink, and there is the maximum number of system users who test it day and night.

In civilian applications, the Starlink system is notneeded where there is a connection of cellular operators. This is not a stand-alone system for mobile internet, but rather an addition to the existing infrastructure. In the military aspect, Starlink is a separate system that should provide communications on the ground for the military. Perhaps that is why both China and Russia create models of weapons that threaten the performance of such satellite constellations, do not allow ground gateways to be installed on their territories, and without them, the work of the Internet is extremely difficult. Perhaps, the military application of Starlink today comes to the fore, everything else is not so important. Based on this, it is definitely not worth evaluating the prospects of the system according to the patterns of commercial companies, such metrics are simply not applicable to it.

Books. David Edmonds, "Would You Kill a Fat Man?"

Even if this book is about something else, the title itselfwould be bribed to buy it. But the book itself is excellent, as it deals with trolleycology, a sort of science of choice. I think that you met this problem in different variations. For example, my first acquaintance with her took place in this vein: you are driving a tram, the brakes fail, and there is a fork ahead. You have a matter of seconds to turn left or right. On the left you will kill several people who will not have time to get out of the way, on the right - one child. Your choice?

The answer to the question of where to turn is alwayscauses controversy, it is impossible to make an unambiguous decision, and it will definitely differ from what a person will do in real life, if he somehow inadvertently finds himself in such an artificial situation. The book is small, but it deals with various problems of this kind, hence trolleycology, many variations of this simple problem have been invented over the years. But this is not a textbook of moral and ethical exercises, the book touches on both the appearance of the tasks themselves and how we react to them and what decisions we can make. Simple, but very deep and gives many directions for reflection. And most importantly, it turned out to be a topic for me, as I am reading another book about the ethics of an autopilot in cars, who needs to be saved and who should be crushed in emergency situations. And one book adjoins another - questions of the same order, but there are no unambiguous answers to them. Therefore, Edmonds' book will be useful to everyone who deals with autopilots today, programs cars. Unfortunately, sooner or later, the choice of who to kill will face any autopilot, since many accidents cannot be prevented and leaving everything to chance is also an option. But will we choose it or will we prefer something else? What laws will we need to pass? Some solid questions. But to delve into this issue, you need to read the book. And for any thinking person, trolleycology is a great workout for the brain. I recommend!

P.S. The crisis in Europe and America is growingexhibitor, in Austria they offer to save money by refusing ball gowns (yes, idiot officials are an international phenomenon), but the main thing is that prices are rising before our eyes for literally all goods without exception. And therefore, it is definitely not worth considering that the situation will somehow improve for everyone in the near future. Don't wait, buy everything you need, be guided by the long "winter", we have at most a year to prepare ourselves for what will happen next. I can say one thing for sure - it will be unusual and in some ways even fun. I do not want to pump it up beyond measure, but the relaxation in which many people live surprises me. There is a big storm ahead all over the world, which means you need to prepare for it. And we have time for this, which is important.

But returning to the current moment, I want to wishyou the sun, good mood, interesting books and interlocutors. In a word, to make everything work out as well as possible. Have a good working week, and someone, perhaps, vacation days.

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