Speedtail car competed in speed with fighter F-35 (video)

The fastest production car of our timeSpeedtail brand, assembled by McLaren engineers, is capable of speeds up to 405 km / h, exceeding the speed of Formula 1 racing cars. Top Gear host Chris Harris decided to test the car’s ability to compete in speed with the 5th generation F-35 fighter. To do this, between the two masterpieces of engineering, an impromptu contest was held.

The action took place on the runwayone of the bases of the British Air Force. The F-35 Lightning II of the British Air Force went to start with Speedtail. The cruising speed of the fighter created in the American corporation Lockheed Martin, is 2000 km / h, and the cost reaches $ 124 million.

Performance British SpeedtailMcLaren's factories are much more modest: the price is $ 2.2 million, with a top speed of 405 km / h and engine power with a hybrid drive system of 1,000 horsepower.

Lighter Speedtail Car Couldconfront a powerful fighter only at the initial stage of the competition, however, after a rapid set of power, the F-35 left the car far behind. On the video report presented on YouTube, you can enjoy the competition of outstanding creations of engineering of our time.

Source: roadandtrack