Speedboard electric skateboard at speeds up to 48 km / h (6 photos + video)

Modern urban small vehiclesclass electric skateboards do not allow to reach speeds above 32 km / h, which creates difficulties when moving around the city, where the average speed is about 50 km / h. The new Speedboard will allow you to travel comfortably at a speed of about 48 km / h, without interfering with cars, motorcycles and cyclists.

Hereditary Mechanical Engineer David Jackson,who developed Speedboard, first of all changed the kinetic scheme of the skateboard, installing instead of the usual 4 wheels for this class, only two. Also used is a patented front wheel control system, consisting of a spring-loaded linkage that allows you to change the direction of movement when tilting the body (turning radius of only 2.4 meters).

Kenda pneumatic tires mounted on wheelswith a diameter of 10.3 inches, which increases cross-country ability and provides a comfortable off-road ride. A 4000 W (5.36 hp) electric motor is located at the back of the board. The motor is connected to the wheel using a chain transmission that ensures reliability, safety and a long operating time.

Torque from the engine is transmitted to 9gear gear, which drives the “sprocket” of the rear wheel with 70 teeth, using a steel chain. The engine speed control is carried out using a convenient remote control equipped with a pistol grip.

The electric motor is powered by a lithium-ion unitbatteries placed inside the board. Depending on the terrain and speed limit, you can drive 25 to 40 km on a single battery charge. The maximum carrying capacity of the Speedboard is 113 kg (250 lbs), while the skateboard itself has a weight of up to 12 kg.

Cost of a Kickstarter device$ 1999 complete with Triple8 reflective helmet. For the first three hours of fundraising, the minimum amount received at the site was received, which gives hope. That by May 2020, the first Speedboards will go on the road.