SpaceX's Crew Dragon Passed Extreme Testing (video)

SpaceX in partnership with NASAcontinues to approximate the date of the manned flight of the spaceship Crew Dragon. Currently, extreme crew rescue systems are being tested in case of an emergency, including during the evacuation of astronauts. The last test was aimed at studying the situation when the braking system of the passenger capsule is damaged and cannot work at full capacity.

Simply put, instead of 4 parachutes above the capsuleopened only 3. Currently SpaceX has announced 13 test trials that have completed successfully, in which they tested the Mark 3 parachutes of an updated design. The new test was to demonstrate the performance of parachutes under extreme loads.

The first automatic flight of Crew Dragon into spaceto the ISS station was completed in the first half of 2019. To complete a manned flight, it is necessary to pass all tests to check the life support systems and rescue a team of astronauts. The next stage of the tests will be devoted to the shooting of the passenger capsule from the rocket, in the event of an emergency, emergency. However, testing of flight safety systems will not end there, and experiments will continue.

The main objective of the joint program projectSpaceX, NASA, and Boeing Corporation, which joined them with the Starliner ship, is providing the ability to deliver interchangeable crews to the ISS. So far, SpaceX plans include a manned flight to the ISS in the first half of 2020.

Source: cnet