SpaceX worth the second prototype of the Starship spacecraft in Florida

SpaceX is working to createperspective starship Starship, which will be used for the colonization of Mars and fast flights within the Earth’s atmosphere. The prototype of the ship is called the Starhopper, and is being assembled in the company’s private space center in the Chicago village of Boca Chica. As it turned out, to speed up the development and testing process, Ilon Musk decided to launch the assembly of the second prototype - it is produced in a plant in Florida.

One shared photo of the prototype under constructionfrom NASASpaceflight forum users. The accuracy of the information was later confirmed by Ilon Musk himself, in response to the user's message on Twitter. At its core, the Starhopper prototype is a test bench for testing the performance of Raptor engines - one of the first tests was held in April, you can watch the video in our material.

It is believed that parallel development immediately intwo places will greatly bring the day when the rocket will be ready for the first flight. Of course, it will cost a lot of money, but in the end the project can quickly pay for itself. The benefits of the Starship ship are many - for example, it will be able to deliver hundreds of Starlink Internet satellites to orbit, rather than 60 pieces each, as it is now.

The East Coast Starship being built in Florida.

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- Chris B - NSF (@NASASpaceflight) May 14, 2019

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Starhopper prototype, located in Texas, is madefrom huge steel sheets with a diameter of about 9 meters. To ensure good aerodynamics, the company also equipped it with a 39-meter fairing. It is noteworthy that in January he fell from the ship because of the wind and was damaged, after which he needed thorough repairs.

It is possible that the first orbital flight of the Starship will take place at the end of 2020. So, at least, Ilon Musk spoke - he was 60% sure of this, which he mentioned on his Twitter account.

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