SpaceX will send tourists into space as early as 2022

SpaceX is confidently approachingthe realization of one of the goals of its development - the organization of space tourism. An important step in this direction was the conclusion of a partnership agreement with Space Adventures, which already has real experience in the space tourism market.

Sending the first space travelers toEarth’s orbit is facilitated by the latest achievements of SpaceX, which carried out an unmanned flight to the ISS in March last year and successfully tested launch and safety systems. The company's plans at the first stage include sending the first four tourists into orbit on a fully automated Crew Dragon spacecraft using the Falcon 9 rocket carrier. It is assumed that, along the way, the tourist ship can deliver the astronaut to the ISS.

SpaceX executives suggested that one ofThe main missions of the company will be the development of space tourism and the provision of the opportunity to go to space for anyone. Restricting access to space can only be the state of health, finances and the earthman's own desire.

Space Adventures is a pioneer inthe space tourism industry, which sent eight tourist missions to the ISS from 2001 to 2009. Space travelers Space Adventures have already covered almost 58 million kilometers in space. Further popularization of space tourism would not have been possible without the reusable Crew Dragon and Falcon 9.

Space Adventures is based inWashington DC The planned services of the company include flights in the orbit of the moon, to the ISS and other projects. The next launch of space travelers is scheduled for early 2022. The journey takes five days and starts from Cape Canaveral in Florida. This mission does not provide docking with the ISS. Currently, the price of travel on SpaceX ships has not been disclosed. The first trips made with the assistance of Space Adventures cost tourists $ 35 million.