SpaceX successfully tested Starship prototype and landed ship without exploding (video)

Only from the fifth time on Wednesday, May 5, prototypeof the future interplanetary spacecraft Starship from SpaceX has completed a full cycle of flight tests and successfully landed without significant incidents. Previously, all four flight tests ended in disaster and complete "unplanned disassembly" of full-size 50-meter prototypes. A successful flight was made by the mock-up under the number SN15, in which hundreds of technical changes were made in comparison with the previous SN11 prototype.

SN15 used for takeoff and maneuveringthe traditional prototype scheme with three Raptor engines. During the testing and launching of the prototype to a predetermined ten-kilometer height, the engines were sequentially turned off. Then the ship turned to a horizontal position and began to descend under the influence of gravity.

Controlled by computer and systemaerodynamic flaps (two stern and two forward), the fall of the Starship prototype led to the exact introduction of SN15 to the point of the planned landing. As they approached Earth, the two Raptors were launched again and, with a vertical roll-over maneuver, provided a smooth landing.

When landing, a fire broke out in one of the engines,which was eliminated in a few minutes by a robotic fire extinguishing system. In an official press release, SpaceX stated that the successful test of SN15 is the next step towards creating a vehicle to deliver people to the Moon and Mars. The plans of the founder of SpaceX Elon Musk include the creation of a spacecraft based on Starship, capable of accommodating up to 100 space colonists.