SpaceX successfully launched 60 Starlink Internet satellites

SpaceX intends to create worldwideavailable Internet as part of the Starlink project, putting 12,000 communication satellites into Earth orbit. In May, the launch of the first sixty satellites was to take place, but the mission was postponed two times in a row: first because of the strong wind and then because of the need to check the equipment. Finally, a week after the start of the series of problems, the company successfully launched a dozen satellites - the launch took place from Cape Canaveral on May 24 at 5:30 am Moscow time.

As mentioned earlier, to runthe Falcon 9 launch vehicle was used, into which 60 satellites were immediately loaded. Each of them weighs 227 kilograms, that is, their total weight was 13.6 tons. If we take into account other weights, the Falcon 9 rocket had to lift into the air a mass equal to 18.5 tons - this is a record for SpaceX rockets.

The rocket delivered satellites to a height of 440kilometers, but they will work at a 550-kilometer altitude, reaching it with the help of their engines. It is noteworthy that the devices have limited functionality - they can move and communicate with the Earth, but they cannot yet exchange information with each other. Probably, satellites that will go into orbit in the near future will be capable of this.

Successful deployment of 60 Starlink satellites confirmed!

- SpaceX (@SpaceX) May 24, 2019

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In the next 12 months, the company intends to withdrawanother thousand such satellites into Earth orbit. The head of SpaceX, Ilon Musk, is sure that this number is already enough to launch the Starlink system - the network will be able to provide Internet access to a number of vehicles, such as airplanes and ships. More information about the application of Ilona Mask can be read in our material.

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