SpaceX Starship rocket prototype damaged by explosion in test tests

The plans of Ilona Mask to send expeditions to the moonand Mars will be adjusted. The reason for the change in the intentions of the billionaire enthusiast in the near future to make a manned flight to neighboring planets was the accident in test trials that occurred with the prototype spaceship Starship. As a result of ground testing of ship systems under pressure, partial destruction of the ship occurred.

SpaceX engineers say systems testwere carried out at the maximum possible pressure, so the destruction of the elements of the ship was not unexpected. As a result of an emergency, no one was hurt, and the developers do not believe that the accident will become a serious problem.

The prototype was intended for testing.designs of the future giant spaceship Starship, which will deliver astronauts and cargo into space and make long-distance flights to the Moon or Mars. Earlier in early autumn, Musk said that a test prototype could make short flights at low altitude in the coming months. In this case, the launch of the finished Starship into orbit was supposed to happen within six months.

However, after trouble during testingprototype in the launch plans of the ship will be amended significantly. Elon Musk has already said that most likely for a further project a completely different prototype will be used, on which flight tests will be blown. At the same time, the necessary changes will be made to the design of the new apparatus based on unsuccessful but useful experience.