SpaceX spoke about another accident of the ship Crew Dragon

In March 2019, the ship Crew Dragon successfullydelivered the cargo to the International Space Station. After such a success, SpaceX was going to carry out a manned launch of the ship in July, but the recent explosion of the capsule was a possible reason for postponing the mission to another date. It seems that it will be so, because the head of NASA manned programs, Bill Gerstenmayer, spoke about another accident that happened to the Crew Dragon ship. This time the problem is in the non-working parachutes for the soft return of the ship to Earth.

During a speech before parliamentaryGerstenmayer spoke about the failed testing of Crew Dragon parachutes on the dry Delamar Lake in Nevada. The SpaceX team wanted to make sure that the safe landing system could provide a soft landing even if one of the four parachutes failed. They deliberately spoiled one parachute and dropped the capsule from a great height, but the other three parachutes simply did not open.

“We didn’t get the result we expected,” Gerstenmayer admitted.

Of course, the test capsule after falling onthe ground was badly damaged. The cause of the malfunction is not yet known - the problem could have arisen both with an incorrect procedure for dropping the capsule and because of a poorly-tested parachute design. Anyway, SpaceX and NASA experts are investigating and can soon announce its results.

Crew Dragon manned launch date yetunknown, but the success of the mission will greatly affect the space industry. Until now, Russian Unions have been used to deliver cargo and people to the ISS, but if successful, American counterparts will also be used for this. More information about the prospects that open spaceX SpaceX, you can read in our material.

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