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SpaceX sent ordinary people into space. How did everything go?

On the night of September 16, SpaceX successfully launched intothe space of not professional astronauts, but ordinary space tourists. They were businessman Jared Isaacman, an employee of the children's hospital Hayley Arsenoks, US Air Force veteran Christopher Sembrosky and educator Sian Proctor. The Falcon 9 launch vehicle was launched from the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral and launched the passenger ship Crew Dragon to a height of 575 kilometers. The civilian crew will stay in space for three days, the spacecraft orbits the earth every 90 minutes. As part of the mission, the team will not onlyto enjoy views of space, but also to conduct scientific experiments, but which ones are unknown. All thanks to the fact that the entrepreneur Jared Isaacman did not want the flight to turn into a banal "hike with friends on a fishing trip." The flight participants are confident that their mission will make space flights accessible to everyone. Of course, provided that those wishing to have enough money for such trips.

Falcon 9 launch moment with amateur astronauts

Interesting fact: The launch was made as part of the Inspiration4 mission. The name can be translated as "inspiration". The crew members want to inspire people to fly into space by their example.

Launch of space tourists on a SpaceX ship

The launch of the Falcon 9 rocket took place on 16September, at 3:03 am Moscow time. About 3 minutes after launch, the rocket's first stage separated and gently descended onto the Just Read the Instructions platform in the Atlantic Ocean. A few minutes later, the Crew Dragon spacecraft separated from the second stage and successfully entered an orbit at a height of 575 kilometers. After a three-day journey, the capsule with amateur astronauts is due to land in the Atlantic Ocean.

Transparent Dome Crew Dragon

What exactly will the astronauts do during themission other than admiring space is unknown. But they definitely have a purpose, because Jared Isaacman didn't want them to go into space "for nothing". And this is commendable, because an expensive flight into space should benefit science.

Crew Dragon ship design

More about who exactly flew into space as part of the Inspiration4 mission, you can read in this material

The goal of the Inspiration4 mission

How much does a tourist flight into space cost?on a SpaceX ship, unknown. The required amount was fully paid by Jared Isaacman. Together with him, Hayley Arsenox, an employee of the St. Jude Hospital, where they treat children with cancer, went on a flight. Pilot Christopher Sembrosky and educator Sian Proctor received tickets to the ship through a competition in which those who wished to donate money to the hospital and get a chance to fly into space. The competition raised $15 million, with another $100 million donated by Jared Isaacman himself. Tourist Hayley Arsenox took a recording of an American rock band into space with her and plans to auction it off to raise even more money for the hospital. In total, they plan to reach an amount of 200 million dollars.

Inspiration4 crew after launch

The crew of the Inspiration4 mission hope to inspireflights into space and other people. Six months ago, they were quite ordinary people, and at one point fate turned out so that they began to prepare for a flight into space and eventually ended up there. According to Jared Isaacman, the day of the flight should be a harbinger of the future:

We know that someday, in 50 years or100, a lunar base will be built and maybe even a Martian settlement. And it all has to start somewhere. When our mission is completed, people will say that this was the first time that ordinary people went into space, the entrepreneur noted.

Inspiration4 mission crew

Space tourism cost

Most likely in the future of tourist flights inspace will indeed become much larger. But not everyone can afford it. The fact is that such a trip is a very expensive pleasure. Virgin Galactic is ready to send people into space for $450,000, and that's the cost of just one ticket. For clients, both single flights and group fares are available for traveling with family or friends. If you wish and have the money, you can buy the entire flight.

VSS Unity ship for space tourism Virgin Galactic

Beyond SpaceX and Virgin Galactic servicesSpace tourism is offered by Blue Origin. It was founded by the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, who recently also flew into space and fulfilled his childhood dream. On the eve of his flight, the company began selling tickets - in 2 days people bought them for a total of $ 100 million. But there is still no information about their exact cost.

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When the crew of the Inspiration4 mission returns toEarth, we will definitely tell about it. In the meantime, I wonder - would you like to fly into space and under what conditions? Write your answer in the comments or in our Telegram chat.