SpaceX postponed the first Crew Dragon flight until March 2

SpaceX and NASA set a new target date forCrew Dragon First Test Flight: March 2. It was supposed that the capsule would fly over the Falcon 9 rocket and rush to the ISS for the first time on January 7, but the partners have since postponed the launch twice. None of them gave an explanation for the delays - after all, this is quite common in rocket launches - but Florida Today offered a possible explanation: perhaps the first test flight of the capsule was shifted by a 35-day stop of the US government.

When will Crew Dragon fly?

Crew Dragon will go to the ISS for two weeks,to show that it can safely deliver astronauts to the station. Of course, the capsule will not carry passengers for the time being, as the demonstration flight is intended for testing capsule equipment, data verification and training for ground dispatchers and mission leaders. In April, Boeing plans to launch a similar test flight for its CST-100 Starliner crew capsule.

Targeting March 2 for Crew Dragon's first flight to @Space_Station https://t.o/RoJRtDhV3aL pic.

- SpaceX (@SpaceX) February 6, 2019

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If all goes well and the flight is successful,SpaceX will conduct the first manned mission of the capsule in July 2019, a month later than originally planned. NASA hopes to get Crew Dragon and Starliner certificates for delivering astronauts to the ISS later this year. When this happens, the agency will finally be able to return manned missions to American soil and will no longer rely on Russian "Unions".

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