SpaceX plans to test launch Crew Dragon this year (4 photos)

Crew manned spacecraft launchDragon, developed as part of the joint SpaceX and NASA program, is slated for early 2020. However, prior to the first flight with the crew on board, SpaceX plans to conduct fire tests this week with the goal of testing the Crew Dragon emergency rescue system. Such tests must be conducted to obtain a manned spacecraft certificate from NASA.

Crew spacecraft alarm systemDragon is equipped with two types of propulsion systems: low (Draco) and high pressure (SuperDraco). The main objective of 16 Draco engines is to conduct orbital maneuvers, and 8 SuperDraco engines are designed to shoot and controlled landing of the rescue capsule in the event of a critical emergency.

In addition, prior to the first manned launch of CrewDragon SpaceX plans to conduct another 10 tests of the parachute system. On the official Twitter page, video frames of fire tests of the modernized rescue system in the event of an emergency ensuring the safety of astronauts are presented.

It is known that in December the aerospace giantBoeing planned to conduct a test flight in automatic mode without a crew manned by the CST-100 Starliner. During the flight, docking with the ISS will be carried out.

Source: cnbc