SpaceX planned the first commercial launch of Starship for 2021 (2 photos)

The company SpaceX announced that the first fullThe commercial mission to launch the SpaceX Starship and Super Heavy space systems (BFR or Big Falcon Rocket before renaming) is likely to take place as early as 2021. Despite the fact that the events voiced by Ilon Mask never happen within the specified period, they are still realized and do not go unnoticed, because they have significant importance in the space exploration industry.

Jonathan Hofeller,SpaceX's vice president of commercial sales, said the company is actively negotiating with potential customers about the first commercial launch of Starship in about two years. Hofeller noted that the first SpaceX clients for commercial flights will be three telecommunications companies.

SpaceX intends to replace its currentpartially reusable launchers Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy on reusable Super Heavy boosters with the Starship top stage, the introduction of which will significantly reduce the cost of launches. Before the start of commercial flights, SpaceX plans to perform several more test tests and experimental launches.