SpaceX lost 3 Starlink satellites (4 photos)

According to SpaceX, at least three Starlink satellites launched in the last days of spring were lost to provide Internet for the entire planet.

It was noted that 45 of the total number of satelliteswere able to reach their destination in earth orbit. 5 more while moving to the destination. They also say about one of the five vehicles that are undergoing additional testing and are still on the way. As noted in the company, the three devices to the goal will not get in principle. Within a year, they are likely to come back. The fact is that they are located in a fairly small Earth orbit at an altitude of about 440 kilometers.

It is not yet known why the problems occurred, butalso what happened to the other satellites. From the very beginning, SpaceX engineers assumed that some of the Starlink satellites could fail. Back in mid-May, Ilon Mask himself noted that the devices were stuffed with a huge amount of technology. Therefore, the risks of failure were quite high.

As noted in SpaceX, two are absolutelyStarlink apparatus is planned to be sent to the atmosphere of the planet with the help of ion engines installed in them. They will do this in order to demonstrate the company's ability to prevent the transformation of working satellites into space debris that is uncontrollably harming the environment. Why this can not be done with the failed three devices, the company did not specify. Apparently the connection with them is completely lost, and the software installed in them is not enough to make a decision on self-destruction at the moment. Event “X” should occur, most likely, not immediately, but after some time, as it was described above.

Recall that the Falcon-9 booster (also fromSpaceX) flew out at the end of May with 60 Starlink units. Satellites were launched and launched into Earth orbit in order to provide the Internet with the whole world. At first, Ilon Musk said he wanted to launch 4.5 thousand satellites for movement at an altitude of 1100 - 1300 kilometers. Another 7,500 devices should be at a height of 346 kilometers. When the next conclusion of Starlink spacecraft will take place is not specified.

Note that not everyone in the world is happy with the project IlonaMask. Astronomers around the world have said that even the 60 Starlink satellites already launched interfere with the study of objects in the universe. The light reflected from their bodies turned out to be much brighter than previously thought.