SpaceX has tested a Starship super-heavy rocket engine (4 pics + 2 videos)

Ilon Musk has posted a video aboutthe launch of the flight model of the Raptor engine of a super-heavy rocket Starship, which in 3 years will be sent with cargo to Mars. While we are talking about the test process called "burn." During it, monitor the stability of the engine, the amount of emissions and other indicators.

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So far, only SpaceX has published so much.details on the progress of their development. Ilona Mask’s twitter regularly shows videos and photos from tests and test launches, test samples of missiles are shown. So ordinary citizens can understand how the space flight industry functions.

- Elon Musk (@elonmusk) February 4, 2019

Curious that Starship is heavier and moremodern specimens from SpaceX. It will probably cost the company less. After all, it will be possible to use it repeatedly, transporting more cargo for each flight — about a hundred tons. The company also plans to use a super-heavy rocket to fly into Earth orbit, around the moon and interplanetary flights. Presumably, Starship in conjunction with Super Heavy will send the Japanese billionaire on a journey to the Moon in 2023.