SpaceX has already lost three Starlink satellites

One of the goals of the American space companySpaceX - to provide people with cheap and high-speed satellite Internet Starlink. To this end, the company is going to launch into space a total of 12,000 compact satellites. A month ago, SpaceX put 60 first vehicles of a future satellite constellation into Earth orbit. According to the latest information, communication is supported only with 57 satellites. Three Starlink satellites broke down.

Of the 60 devices running 45 got toplanned orbits (altitude 550 kilometers above the Earth) by own engines. Five more satellites are currently in the process of reaching the desired orbit, and five more are undergoing on-board systems checks. Two satellites SpaceX specifically burned in the atmosphere of the planet. They were completely working. The company thus decided to check the process of deliberately removing the devices from orbit and their destruction in the dense layers of the Earth’s atmosphere.

New space junk

As for the three who are “lost” -SpaceX reasons not yet called. Apparently, they themselves have not figured out. However, this fact may cause concern to scientists and the military, since it increases the risk of additional space debris. Why is this such a serious problem? The loss of communication with the devices means that the company will not be able to manage them in order to lower them into the atmosphere of the Earth, where they will burn. However, SpaceX claims that their satellites are designed with the view that in any case they will be able to descend into the atmosphere on their own, only it will take time.

What is Starlink for?

60 satellites that were launched into orbit by the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket

SpaceX received permission to output in totalcomplexity of 11,927 satellites. All of them will be at a relatively small height above the surface of the planet. The idea of ​​the company is to provide people with access to the Internet in places where laying of cable networks is impossible.

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In the near future SpaceX - checkhealth of already running devices. In particular, the company wants to check whether they have a big delay in the transfer of information. For this, Starlink satellites will be used to stream games and high-definition video.

According to the head of SpaceX Ilona Mask, the companywill continue to output satellites of 60 pieces in one space launch. In the future - the launch of 1000-2000 devices per year. It is estimated that in this case, 24 satellite launches will be required to output all the planned Starlink satellite network devices.

Astronomers vs. Starlink Satellites

Recall that the launch of the SpaceX project to launchThe global satellite Internet has caused a real war between project supporters and their opponents. The role of the latter were made by scientists and enthusiasts who are engaged in space exploration. They fear that Starlink devices will be a real problem for ground-based optical and radio astronomy observations. If you want to know the details, go here.

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