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SpaceX announced the date of the first tourist flight on the ship Crew Dragon

While some people dream of visitingother countries, others are preparing to be sent on a tourist space flight. At least eight people have already managed to travel in space travel, the dream of which was realized by the company Space Adventures founded in 1998. Previously, she collaborated with the Russian "Roskosmos", but recently the organization signed a contract with SpaceX, which is developing the Crew Dragon spacecraft with a capacity of up to four people. If you believe the reports of company representatives, the first tourist flight on this ship will be held in late 2021 or early 2022. But how long will the flights last and where will the space tourists go?

The first tourist flight on the ship Crew Dragon may take place at the end of 2021

The contract was described in the If you believe the words of representatives of Space Adventures, flights involving four tourists will last about five days. A launch vehicle with a spacecraft will be launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida. The lucky ones who have money for this kind of travel will rise above the orbit of the International Space Station, which revolves around our planet at an altitude of 400 kilometers. Unfortunately, tourists will not be able to visit inside the space station.

SpaceX launches space tourism

Crew Dragon flight price yetunknown. However, Space Adventures has already organized many space travels and they cost tens of millions of dollars. For example, in 2009, Guy Laliberté, founder of the Cirque du Soleil, paid as much as $ 35 million for an 11-day flight. SpaceX is known for providing its services at a lower price than its competitors, so flights can be more affordable than before.

This space mission will pave the wayto make space flights accessible to all comers. We are happy to be working on it with the Space Adventures team, ”said Gwynn Shotwell, SpaceX COO.

It is possible that the company will change the termscarrying out the first flight. It depends on the success of future Crew Dragon spacecraft flights. In 2019, SpaceX was already convinced of its safety after a successful docking of the ship to the International Space Station. However, another test awaits the ship ahead - it will have to send two NASA astronauts to the space station. If the mission is successful, the ship can certainly be considered a safe tool for space flights.

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In addition to the Crew Dragon ship, SpaceX alsoDevelops the Big Falcon Rocket spacecraft. The first flight on it is scheduled for 2023 and it will last at least six days. Space travelers will be the Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa, eight artists and his girlfriend, whom he is looking for with the television show “Full Moon Lovers”. This journey promises to be extremely interesting, because ten people will not circle around the earth’s orbit, but will fly around the moon.