SpaceX is preparing to create an infrastructure for intercontinental hypersonic transport

The tireless Elon Musk continues to generateideas that allow people on Earth to move faster around the planet. The billionaire enthusiast drew attention to the process of forming a system of transcontinental transport using modern supersonic missiles.

For the first time about the possible use of a rocket system,hiding under the code name BFR, was announced by Musk back in 2017. The use of new hypersonic rockets, which, according to the founder of SpaceX, will replace all SpaceX rockets and spaceships, provides for the sea-based launch and landing sites. In particular, having launched from a platform located in the ocean near New York, a rocket with passengers in 30 minutes should reach a similar platform in the ocean near Shanghai.

In confirmation of the seriousness of intentions, the companySpaceX has now announced job openings, including an “offshore operations engineer.” A specialist should be able to work as part of a team of engineers in the design and construction of a sea-based launch rocket complex.

When creating such complexes, Elon Musk plansto use advanced oil platforms, which can be reached with the help of another of his brainchild - Hyperloop. It is noteworthy that, as has happened more than once, Musk sets very tight deadlines for starting a commercial project. According to the billionaire, the first intercontinental hypersonic flights will start in the next 2-3 years.

Source: greenhouse