SpaceIL will build and send to the Moon the landing module "Bereshit 2"

Israeli company SpaceIL despitean unsuccessful attempt at landing the spacecraft "Bereshit" on the moon on April 11 is not discouraged. Quite the contrary, its head, Morris Kahn, said on Saturday that the company would build and launch the Bereshit-2 automatic station on the satellite of our planet. And this time, nevertheless, she will try to complete her plans initially.

"I had time to think about the day offwhat happened. And, taking into account all the support I receive, support from people from all over the world, I announce today the start of a new project: “Bereshit-2”. We started a business that will be completed, ”Kahn said in a video message posted on the SpaceIL Twitter page.

The dream goes on! Morris Kahn just announced the launching of Beresheet 2.0 # Beresheet2.0 #IsraeltotheMoon

- Israel To The Moon (@TeamSpaceIL) April 13, 2019

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Head of a private aerospace company alsoHe explained that SpaceIL is not going to rely on government support and added that the engineering team will meet on April 14 to begin planning a new project.

Development of a private Israeli apparatus"Bereshit" weighing 585 kilograms began in the crabs of the Google Lunar X Prize competition eight years ago. In 2018, the competition ended, but SpaceIL continued to work on the landing module after attracting additional private investment, spending a total of about $ 100 million for the project.

February 21 using Falcon 9 boosterUS spaceX company apparatus was launched into Earth orbit, and went on his 47 day trip to the satellite of our planet. On April 4, the module entered lunar orbit and began to prepare for landing on the plain Sea of ​​Tranquility. On the evening of April 11, a moon landing operation began. The process lasted 21 minutes. The module began to slow down, after which the mission control center lost communication with the module for a few seconds. When the device was located a few kilometers from the surface of the Moon, the main engine failed.

Israel is the seventh country anywaywhich managed to deliver the spacecraft to the orbit of the moon. The country could become the fourth among those who were able to deliver the automatic station to the surface of the natural satellite of the Earth in working condition (after Russia, the USA and China).

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